Thursday, June 2, 2022


 Each month I renew my commitment to sponsor a teacher's request for resources for her students in her classroom at a public school.  Donors Choose(donors, an amazing teacher-founded organization makes it possible for public school teachers, nationwide to apply for urgently needed assistance.

This month Ms. Bacon from Langston Chapel Middle School, Statesboro, Georgia, named her project:"New Shoes, New Attitude"  She needed new basketball shoes for her grades 6-8 students to wear during their middle school practices and games. She stated that many of her students wore shoes that were extremely worn and because of the lack of grip, injuries were sustained throughout the season.

Choose To Care(CTC) certainly has the power to help equip the middle school basketball student-athletes with the support they need to continue learning and growing. My deepest gratitude to those who believe in our mission and has continued to help us provide a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need, putting a smile on their faces. We hope to continue to rise to the challenge.

You have helped us protect the feet of children in need of proper wearing shoes and we know we can count on you to do your part to care for Planet Earth.  No matter how simple the step you take, it counts.

Living In Gratitude!

Monday, May 23, 2022


 The book BLOSSOM is finally on display.  Putting this together was no easy task.  My intention was to tell stories through recipes, stories, poetry, quotes and photos.  This gives the reader a chance to choose the section or sections that they find appealing and to interpret the title BLOSSOM, how they see fit.

Thanks to all who have contributed in one way or another.  A purchase of a book will help my charity, CHOOSE TO CARE.  A good way to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need, while placing a smile on their faces.

For information about purchasing a book, please call contact:

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Let's continue to keep mother earth green!

Saturday, May 7, 2022


 Choose To Care (CTC) was able to accomplish its monthly obligation of sponsoring a teacher's classroom request for resources, through Donors Choose (donors; a trusted classroom funding site for teachers, nation-wide.

This month we traveled to Eastern Heights Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota, where specialized shoes are needed, for special need students to accommodate their footbrakes. Their kind-hearted teacher, Ms. Andrea, put in the request for her students.

CTC moved on to another caring teacher, Ms. Headley from Langston Chapel Middle School, Georgia. She wanted for her students what she called "Cheer Essentials" These are cheer shoes to help them prepare for the 2022-2023 middle school football and basketball cheer seasons.

We are delighted to be a small part of the teachers and students journey.  It gives me a sense of contentment and gratitude.  Thanks to our supporters.

We are also determined to continue to use our platform to keep mother earth safe. A reminder that we can each do our part to restore the planet we call home, is always part of my Instagram post or blog.  I have also dedicated a "Green News" column in the newsletter that I have created for the Sweet Spot Restaurant, in Arusha, Tanzania.  This month our appeal is to reduce our personal use of plastic items.

Let's take action together because our world is worth protecting and our effort, no matter how little, still counts.

"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them" /Charles D. Gill

Peace & Love

Sunday, April 3, 2022


 I have read over and over from Oprah that the late Maya Angelou told her, "when you learn, teach, when you get give."  This is the simple mission of Choose To Care(CTC) since its establishment in 2008.  We not only provide the resources needed but make an attempt to pass on proper health and nutrition information for well-being and bring attention to our planet earth and its gradual deterioration; while emphasizing how vital it is to keep ourselves and the earth fit.

The CTC organization brought a nourishing start to 2022, as we began our preparation to celebrate the journey of the up and coming dressmakers from the St. Peter's Skill Center, Lamin, Gambia, West Africa.  The young women have been given a chance to learn and hone their skills in a 3 year course of tailoring and other varied business courses. This gives them hope to courageously enter our wonderful and sometimes harsh world.

With that in mind, CTC engaged the students in a competition, entitled, "I Have It All Sewn Up" This creative exercise introduced them to a tiny bit of the challenges of the business world, showing a small fraction of what they will face, as they enter the working world.  This practice project gave them a chance to "wet their feet."  The title shows confidence and also indicates that they think they know it all, that they know all the ropes.  After choosing the winners, first to third place, CTC took the opportunity to extract parts of their essays and expand on the impact and significance of what they had to say and offered other approaches for them to think about.

As they continue to redesign their own life, we hope they will feel uplifted and will become warriors of the zero waste movement, as they recognize the relationship between fashion and the environment.CTC gave each student a brand new pair of shoes as they prepare for their graduation.

In Tanzania, our dream is to build a business around the food industry, giving a few folks the opportunity to see what is possible through determination, hard work and to never lose hope, no matter how difficult the process becomes.  They are on track, their story to come.

This is also the time to send the message to keep blossoming to the six children whom I sponsor through 2 USA based organization, Child Fund International and Children International. They live in various parts of the world and in spite of their daily struggles, they keep pushing to thrive.

My gratitude to Donors Choose, the teacher- founded nonprofit that allows you to sponsor classroom projects of teachers for their students, nationwide.  Through this organization, CTC has pledged to sponsor a public school project each month, giving the proper foot wear to the students in need, that we hope will take them to amazing places.

So many have reached out to us for help and no matter how little, each of us can do our part to save the world. My thoughts and emotions, sweat and tears are all stitched into these and similar projects.  It is a delight to help someone in need.  I am filled with gratitude that even without great means I take tiny steps to do my part to save the world and carryon CTC's mission.

"I will either find a way or make one." Hannibal

As EARTH DAY approaches(4/22), please find a way to save our landfills!


Tuesday, March 1, 2022


 It seems that the news at every corner of the world has been grim for a very long time and there is no letting up.  Still we at Choose To Care(CTC) have not allowed bad news to corrode our hope or smother our smile; instead we work earnestly to move forward with our mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need. That pair of shoes we are sure will take the wearers on many wonderful experiences and may very well be their ticket to break the cycle of poverty.

Thanks supporters for standing strong together with us to provide resources for children, so that they may become empowered and one day be a catalyst for change in their own communities and even the world at large. 

As we do on a monthly basis, we choose a public school to sponsor through Donors Choose(donors, the nonprofit organization that allows public school teachers from every corner of America to create classroom project requests and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you. This month we sponsored Mr. Friedman's project titled "Run Wild, Run Free" This kind teacher from the Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science, located in the South Bronx, New York City, requested proper running shoes for his students whom he stated currently run in ill-fitting shoes that do not provide support and protection. A big thank-you to this caring teacher who saw the need and took action.

It is William Shakespeare who said, "Fight till the last gap"  That is exactly our plan at CTC to continue fighting to uplift these students in need  and I am sure you will come along with us.

Peace & Love

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Proudly Rising To The Challenge

 The enormity of the sufferings around us frequently weighs on me.  My endless passion to help those in need has not stalled.  I know I could not wait for the world to reopen to continue with my charitable projects.  So the lockdown has not stopped me from being an advocate for the children in public schools, who are in need of resources to lift them up.

Choose To Care(CTC) the nonprofit organization created to provide a brand new pair of shoes for children in need, has continued to sponsor public school classroom projects. We do this through Donors Choose(donors, the organization that makes it easy for anyone to assist a classroom in need, when teachers throughout the USA, submit project requests.

For the month of February, we at CTC have chosen Hosts-Lincoln Academy of Science in the Bronx, NY. Their kind and supportive teacher, Mr. Friedman, applied for his 7-8 grade students, the majority of whom come from low income households.  He used colorful titles, such as: "No More Shin Splints" through which I read his relief when sponsorship is given. "Run Like The Wind" "Run Forest Run" seem to show the results  of a new pair of shoes, no stopping them now.

Be a Change Agent. Let's pay it forward and do our part to change the world and make it a better place for us all. 

Thank you kindly for supporting teachers and their students. And here is another responsibility we should not forget. Let's all promote sustainable actions to keep Mother Earth Green.

Peace & Love!

Sunday, January 2, 2022


 At this time of year, the buzzwords GRATITUDE & KINDNESS  are often heard, just like welcoming music to your ears.  There are numerous heartwarming stories of people doing good in the global communities.I am wholly passionate about this heightened movement and through the lens of Thankfulness & Gratitude  I am forever seeking projects to be involved in to make this a kinder, gentler world.

I wear my passion with pride as I continue to use the nonprofit "Choose To Care"(, which I founded in 2008 with the mission of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the child or young adult in need, globally; trying to add a little extra cheer in their steps.  Here at home I have found a very ideal place to keep taking steps to reach a place where each child has the resources they need to succeed.

Donors Choose(donors, a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by a High School Science teacher in the Bronx, New York,  empowers public school teachers from across the nation to request much needed materials for their students in need. For the month of January, Choose To Care has sponsored the following public school classrooms through Donors Choose.

  • Dancing For Fun - Teacher, Mrs. Attaryan/ 4th Grade/Shirley Avenue Elementary School,Reseda, California
  • Shoe Tying Practice - Teacher, Mr. Freyre/Prek- 2nd Grade/PS106 Parkchester, Bronx, NY

Even in these struggling times many are pushing forward to give back whatever kindness they have received; knowing that  a life of service gives joy both to the giver and the receiver.  Difficulty I have discovered means nothing when you are doing something you love.  Our sincere gratitude and appreciation today and everyday, for the way your support has impacted our mission.  We wish that this jubilant and infectious spirit for giving continues.

I am reminded of this quote by Rumi: "Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction." Choose To Care is heading on a journey to keep kindness & community going. Won't you join us? Goodwill to everyone. Let's continue to keep Mother Earth green in 2022 and beyond.
Thank you for supporting our teachers and students!