Saturday, August 19, 2017


"Help me to help them was the cry.
And you all came running.
Banding together for a kinder world."
psw/With Gratitude
We were able to get much needed funds through Macy's yearly "Shop For A Cause" project.  This year we were caught by surprise by what is known as CrowdRise Funding.  All donations were handled on-line.  Thanks to the team members who galvanized their friends and families to help us raise $2,184. Thanks to the donors, no matter what your contribution was.

Choose To Care also won one of CrowdRise's  challenge which netted $500.  Now we are able to change the lives of many more kids in need at home and in distant lands.

"If you think you are too small to have an impact, try
to go to bed with a mosquito."
Anita Roddick

Yours in Service


Today, August 19, is CHOOSE TO CARE's Back To School Shoe Distribution Event, to help youths in need who reside in Corona, Queens.  This was an unforgettable day for the youngsters and their families; they received a brand new pair of shoes, joined in fun activities about healthy living and best of all, enjoyed a delicious snack, falafel served with  a dressing made of yogurt, cucumber, and dill.  Who knew that kids would ask for a second serving of this vegetarian delight. We talked about the brain boosting ingredients of this recipe, from garbanzo beans to yogurt and how the ingredients feed our brains. We have begun to use Choose To Care's platform to have kids and their families get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.  Sometimes parents say that their children will not eat certain foods but that's because they never give them a chance to try new things.  They left with the recipe to prepare at home.

We are also passionate about saving the planet and have added simple ways to do so.  Grow NYC has amazing tips on an easy to carry card, that we gave away at this event.  The three R's(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) will become rooted in our mission.

Choose To Care's shoe distribution was launched in 2008, after a trip to Brazil, where I noticed kids were barefooted, leaving them vulnerable to disease.  Nine years later, thousands of pairs of shoes  given away and we are still going strong, taking our efforts to other States and other Continents.

Thanks to the families and children who answered our invitation.
Thanks to the father who stood up and gave a testimonial on his path to a healthier lifestyle.
This impromptu show of pride, sealed the day's mission; not only did the kids leave with a brand new pair of shoes, fulfilling Choose To Care's goal, but they heard from a parent that small changes are easier to make and stick to and can deliver big results.
Thanks to the members of Nutritionists And Friends In Action(NAFIA) team, who were involved in preparing for this fantastic day.
Thanks to Choose To Care, the small organization with big ambition.  We are thrilled that we are all on this journey together to gain healthy new habits.

We will get up and walk, pace or just move whenever possible.
We will consider the environment.
We will eat sharp and sensible to improve our physical and mental health.

"Service my friends
strengthens the very
fiber of our community.
You made the decision
to be part of this,
and we welcome
your participation."

psw/With Gratitude To You{NAFIA TEAM)

Friday, August 4, 2017


August 19, is fast approaching and the women of the mighty and humble Nutritionists And Friends In Action (NAFIA) group are busy assisting with Choose To Care's BACK TO SCHOOL SHOE DISTRIBUTION event.  We are oh so excited to meet our precious young children.

At this event, falafel and whole wheat bread will take center stage.  All the ingredients that make up this nutritious sandwich(chick peas, olive oil, whole grain, etc) are brain boosters and we will tell them about these brain development foods through a fun activity.

But wait, we are not done yet, what is a Choose To care - NAFIA event without movement? Whether it is the latest dance craze or simply raising the hands, moving the neck, rolling the shoulders,stepping to the left, stepping to the right; we certainly will have everyone moving.

The environment is on our mind too, making it safe and knowing it is our responsibility to protect the earth.  Pulling together is paying off.  We are excited to plan and participate in each event and spend a few hours at what we call "cultivating young lives" so they can grow healthy,step by step.

This year Macy's took their fundraising a step further, allowing qualified non profit organizations to fundraise online.  Thanks to all the generous donors, you are there for them too.

The NAFIA group has focused on the goal of helping the children and their families thrive and this story of the collaboration with Choose To Care should be shouted on every street corner.  They have
stepped up to every calling.

Way to go NAFIA women!

Spread joy wherever you go.