Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Early Saturday morning, April 28,2012, my pal and I were  revved up and ready to hit the stores.  The purpose?  Today's shopping spree is to purchase shoes for the young boys and girls that participated in our October 2011 MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY CELEBRATION and did not receive their gift then.  We wanted to make good on the promise we made to provide them with a brand new pair of shoes at a later date.

We picked and chose, with thoughts about what the youth are wearing now, making sure they are kept in style while protecting their feet.  Choose To Care, the small organization with big dreams has made its mission a global affair and will make every effort, albeit small steps to buy a brand new pair of shoes for those children and young adults in need. Today, after shopping, a hop and a skip took us to the Vineyard International Ministries, Bronx, NY where we delivered the goods.

 Soon we are 'heading' to Haiti, where we will connect with school children in the town of  Chambellan, situated in Southern Haiti. The Solidarite Chambellanaise a Brooklyn based organization is handled by a woman who has been working tirelessly to bring education to the youth residing in this area.  About three years ago, we shopped for shoes for over 100 children who graduated from this school that is still under construction, yet partially occupied.  This is how great the urgency is to find ways for these poor children to be educated.  Visit to learn more about this vital project.

Getting involved remains essential for the CHOOSE TO CARE ORGANIZATION.  It is the hope that providing a brand new pair of shoes will boost the children's reason to take that trek to the classroom.  Heeding the words of Confucius, we will continue to do because we understand. Our work is never done!

Won't you join our DO-AND-UNDERSTAND movement?