Sunday, December 7, 2014


Sephora has been pushing Maybelline's buttons. She has taken an instant dislike to her and Maybelline felt this from the moment they met. But May as her friends fondly call her, showed no sign of the tug of war and continued to pull her weight.  They had this big project facing them and it needed all the manpower and focus they could muster up to get it finished in an excellent form.
Sephora had rapidly built the almighty throne and began her immediate ascent.  Maybelline watched the movements of Sephora and her cohorts.

There were so many who used the same tactics, ploughing their way to 'fame' while shoving someone out of the way. Sephora had begun to build her empire, gathering the people for the court and Maybelline was not one of them.  Neutrogena became the high priestess and she fitted right in with Sephora.  This cunning, calculating, ambitious person was extremely competitive and likes the spotlight. Maybelline watched as her eyes sunk and her body rocked when Lancome had the floor.  Lancome had researched his role and was able to give his reason why bringing water to this village would be beneficial to the residents.  Although he did not expect acceptance of his proposal he wanted to make sure that he had thought this out well. Crafty Nuetrogena was not happy because there was a good sign that Lancome's work would be recognized.

Maybelline knew that Sephora was courting others; but they are unlikely candidates for her court,they were described as damaged goods, stained, not in good standing.  She could however use them for pushing Maybelline aside. "For you I will set them straight.  I am different, they dare not cross me, because when they do, they cross you too."  A strong statement coming from Revlona, she hopes this will have Sephora noticing.  Another recruit for her majesty's court. This is a coy one, her eyes bulge, her shoulders and her body curl up when she does not agree. She is an underground friend of those she thinks are in  in high places and will do anything to let them know she is different.You cannot take your eyes off Revlona.

Maybelline stood erect as she entered the courtyard.  She knew this is the moment she will be scalded, burnt, become cinder, whichever, the feeling is the same.  Sephora had begun to set the table, she wanted a different setting but Maybelline noticed it was the same old sisal mats, there may be shades of red where green once stood, the pattern may be thinner, they call it more refined.  Yet Maybelline knew that they had traded ineptness for more ineptness, arrogance for arrogance on a huge scale and yes the Islands had even grown wider apart.

                               Maybelline had her buttons pushed
                               They are trying to keep her perplexed.
                               She is PUSHED to the side
                               Always playing second fiddle.
                               Let's PUSH her to the curb
                               But she  managed to crawl back in.
                               Now let's try PUSHING her to the edge
                               This spells danger.
                               She certainly couldn't recover from this?
                               And she did!
                               She ignored the neon exit sign
                               Flashing in fury
                               And in defiance she PUSHED back.


  1. The title "Pushed" could either give a positive or negative meaning. Explain what it means here?
  2. "Sephora had begun to set the table" Translate!
  3. Why is Lancome significant?
  4. Describe a time you were PUSHED?
  5. The "neon exit sign" why the fury?
  6. What are your thoughts about Maybelline?