Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Life Of Services

The wind is fierce, lightning flashes, the rain beats down from the skies and the earth reels.  We were promised this 'show' all day and mother nature is putting on a performance indeed.  Every now and then I pull aside the shades to get a first hand look at this tempestuous display.  Sometimes I opened the door to take in more of this 'showtime.'  Yet, I have no fear, the body is at rest, the mind is free and at ease.  I am writing by a battery operated lantern, a sensible gift from my mother about two years ago for moments like these when there is no electricity.  This was the perfect time for me to test out the trials and tribulations of youngsters and others all over the world who live in poverty and must complete their assignments, probably using a kerosene lamp or a candle.

Tonight I wrote all the children I proudly sponsor through CHILDFUND( and CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL(; two USA based organizations that work for children in need, providing them with clothing, medicine, education and nutritious meals.  I told them of my experience, functioning without electricity.  It was a letter of deeper compassion but also filled with HOPE for a better life for each and everyone. Of course I did not need a fierce storm and angry wailing winds to tell me how difficult life is for these children.

This year's MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY (10/27) was just as special as those gone by even without the frou- frou. At my Saturday session at the Adult Literacy Program run by the Queens Public Library, I decided to talk about the significance of this day and encouraged them to work for the good of others as their means allowed.

A few days ago I was invited to a church event where a group of people described their work as Medical Missionaries. They bring a lifestyle program to anyone who will listen and will stay with you until you achieve your goals. I was struck by their enthusiasm as they talked about their work and the benefits many have achieved not only abroad but right here in our backyards.  They have dedicated themselves and found joy doing so.

For days my thoughts have turned to the gratitude I feel in helping others.  For month after month, the news kept coming of loved ones stricken with illnesses.  There is no doubt that a greeting, a cheerful note or a visit are uplifting and can help to bring new life to those struggling with life's challenges. I am inspired by the examples of faith and goodness of those around me.  The generosity of those who understand the satisfaction of bringing happiness to others, allow CHOOSE TO CARE to send the gift of a brand new pair of shoes to school children in a desolate area of Freeport, Bahamas.  We will certainly share our holiday gift giving plans with you.

                               "I am only one. but still I am one.
                                I cannot do everything,
                                But still I can do something."

                                                          Edward Everett Hale

Keep Adapting My Friends!