Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Choose to Care: STEPPING IT UP

Choose to Care: STEPPING IT UP: CHOOSE TO CARE that small organization with a mighty ambition celebrated it's 5th birthday.  Building the project from it's humble beginning...


CHOOSE TO CARE that small organization with a mighty ambition celebrated it's 5th birthday.  Building the project from it's humble beginning, introducing the mission to others, getting the goods to those in need takes a lot of planning and rolling up of our sleeves.  But the hard work does not deter us, we have continued to step up our effort because we hear so many stories of children both locally and abroad who do not own a decent pair of shoes.

Knowing the danger of walking barefooted, especially on rough terrain and the embarrassment of not having a proper pair of shoes, which could prevent the child from wanting to attend school, we seek out organizations that work with the youth in need, in order to assist in providing a brand new pair of shoes.

Last year October, on the nationally celebrated MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY which gives everyone  a chance to do good in any community of choice, we created a health fair atmosphere and invited a Podiatrist to give the children advice on taking care of their feet. We included a workshop on proper nutrition, sending the message that it is important to strive for a healthy lifestyle and then we served up a healthy lunch and presented each attendee with a brand new pair of shoes.

 We are thinking of creative ways to fund raise and sustain our project,then we can expand our mission.  We will be sure to keep you informed of our progress every step of the way. When we receive photos of the children holding their shoes with a bright smile pasted on their faces, that's pure magic.  You can rest assure that we are totally happy to be involved in something so meaningful to us.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we wish you many more years of goodwill.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world"
                                                                                                              Anne Frank

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Macy's yearly SHOP FOR A CAUSE day came with a lot of excitement.  The Macy's store where I shopped that day put on a spectacular show meant to entertain while you shopped for your favorite charity.  The store associates were busy selling $5 tickets for the March of Dimes organization, a great organization that I have supported for over 30 years.  But today I was touting CHOOSE TO CARE, the organization that makes every effort to supply the youth in need with a brand new pair of shoes.

I proudly showed my ticket to receive a 25% discount off my purchase as promised and a chance to win a $500 Macy's gift card.  Thanks to those who participated and purchased a ticket, your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you Macy's for providing this wonderful opportunity for so many charities. This was indeed a tremendous fundraising effort for CHOOSE TO CARE,  I consider myself a winner, every chance I get to give to someone in need.

Until Next Year!

One Love!

"Everybody can be great
 Because  anybody can serve.
 You don't have to have a college degree to serve.
 You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.
 You only need a heart full of grace.
 A soul generated by love"

Martin Luther King JR