Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 The title said: Happy Feeet Make Tennis Sweet.  This came from Coach Parks, at  the Hardee Senior High School, Wauchula, Florida and she was requesting resources for her grades 9 to 12 students.  According to Coach Parks, nearly all students are from low-income households, living in a rural community.

She wants them to shine not only in the classroom but also on the tennis court.  They have been cooped up for so many months and are ready to join in fun activities.  Most cannot afford the tennis shoes that they need to help them move with confidence, keep their feet protected, while they sharpen their skills and minds.

Choose To Care (CTC) is ready to put a little more care in the world and we know that our support will make a world of difference to these children. CTC(choosetocaresite.org) is proud to continue its mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need. 

We applaud Donors Choose(donors choose.org) for going the extra mile of providing a platform for the devoted public school teachers nationwide, that allows them to request help for their students.

Doing our part to bridge the gap!

To all supporters, remember to do your part to keep the earth green!

Cheers to National Nutrtion month - 3/2021

 The theme for 2021 is  PERSONALIZE YOUR PLATE.

Visit: Eatright.org for your nutrition and health information.

Yours In Service!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 Donors Choose(donorschooese.org) has supported students and teachers since 2000 and is making sure  that public schools nationwide are noticed.  They have asked us to answer a teacher's request for resources for her classroom.

A new year! And Choose To Care's (CTC) commitment of the past year to sponsor a school each month still stands.  We are inspired by Ms. Doede request for her grade 9-12 students at Trillium Academy, Taylor, Michigan and CTC's sponsorship carries out its mission to give each child a brand new pair of shoes.

This donation was given in honor of one of our ardent contributor to CTC, YV, who has joined us to bring goodwill to others.

We are also on the move to bring others on board to care for mother earth.  Each of us can find a way to contribute to the Going Green Movement.

Each school that we sponsor is given the message of keeping healthy and strong. Visit: eatright.org for tips on how to nourish our bodies.

"A drop of kindness makes the spirits soar. Do what you can."psw

A salute to Black History Month!

Thursday, January 21, 2021


 The charity store, BLOSSOM is created to earn funds that will be shared with organizations seeking resources for the youth and others in need and are actively involved in environmentally friendly projects.  With the destruction of mother earth, happening so rapidly, it is an important part of this mission to assist in saving our planet.  The recipients will be prodded to pay attention to this serious matter, with a message included each time they receive sponsorship.

Our aim is also to buy goods made by artisans at home(locally) and faraway places such as Bangladesh, the African Continent and wherever else there is a struggle to sustain a livelihood.  This move would improve their quality of life.  We have already started this ambitious plan by buying goods from Tanzania, made by the Masai Tribe, in 2019.  These quality goods are usually made by a community of skillful women. Of course our sales will determine how much help we can offer to those in need.

Each of Choose To Care's blog will add  "A GO EASIER ON THE PLANET" ending, as a reminder that we each have a responsibility to help the planet stay green. 

Remaining Eco-Friendly!                                          

Believing In A Better World!

Cheers!  Go Easier On The Planet

Friday, January 1, 2021

Getting Their Shine On

 Choose To Care (CTC), the organization that provides a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need seeks opportunities through Donors Choose, the organization that is rated the number one classroom funding site that answers public school teachers' request for a variety of resources for their classrooms.

In the year 2020 CTC fulfilled their promise to sponsor a classroom each month.  Quite simply we could not have done this without our supporters.  For 2021, although we may have doubts because of dwindling donations, we are going forward as if we know we will succeed and have a repeat performance.  We are driven to work for children. With that in mind, we will step courageously into 2021 with great ambition.

For the end of year, 2020, we have chosen along with other donors to sponsor Ms. Gabzdyl, Grades 3-5, Lafayette Elementary School, located in Seattle, Washington. This teacher said she has created a Maslow Closet, where she keeps supplies to care for the needs of her students, many of whom come from homes dealing with housing issues, food insecurity, and are improperly dressed, preventing them from doing their best. She requested comfortable shoes to keep their feet warm.

We want to be part of the creation of a world where every child is empowered to thrive. We can do more together, you hear over and over.  We have a new year approaching, to give a child a chance to a brighter future.  Thanks supporters, we are touched by your immense kindness.

A reminder to care for mother earth - Think Green!

Visit: choosetocaresite.org; donors choose.org; eatright.org

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 The Nutritionists And Friends In Action(NAFIA) members gave their unwavering support and for that I am so grateful.  This forced pause has altered how we do business.  But what has not changed are the families struggling to make ends meet.  So NAFIA reset its compass and linked with a Social Worker and was led to a family of three in the Corona area, our old stomping ground, where our group provided numerous services to families in need.

 We gave funds for grocery shopping and through Choose To Care(CTC), the organization that provides a brand new pair of shoes for the youth in need, the family also received good fitting shoes.  And in CTC's fashion we  sent the messages to: Eat Well- Stay Fit- Grow Strong-Stay healthy to fight against diseases-Keep Mother Earth Green.

We wish the family happy times together!

Lots of joy and hope to you our supporters, for helping us to incorporate a charitable component to the holiday.

Prosperity for 2021 and beyond!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Shoes Delivered With Cheers!

 "Obstacles are  those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals" HenryFord

We are thankful for the month of December!  Many schools nationwide are still utilizing the hybrid model of both in-person and at home instructions.  The students health and safety are of the utmost importance.

Donors Choose is the organization that makes it easy for anyone to assist a classroom in need, when teachers throughout the USA, submit project requests.

Although we are a speck in the landscape, Choose To Care(CTC) takes pride in keeping our monthly commitment to sponsor a public school teacher's request for much needed resources for their well-deserving students, the majority of whom are from low-income households.

Ms. Harris of Jim Hill High School, Jackson, Mississippi, has requested shoes for her grades 9-12 students under the title:These Shoes Were Made For Cheering"  She described the hardship they endure and we would like to put some spark in their lives. 

We are excited to be a sponsor for these deserving students and as we always do with each shoe distribution event, in our quest to help change lives, we promote: Eat Well * Stay Fit  * Grow Strong  * Stay healthy to fight against diseases  * A reminder to care for mother earth * To Think Green.  We are relying on you our supporters to spread the word.

Visit: choosetocaresite.org; 

donors choose.org; 


Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Keeping In Gratitude!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 The Pillars Of The Gambia was founded by a colleague who visited The Gambia,West Africa, saw the need and went to work.  Although a speck in the landscape, I am always ready to give a helping hand.  It is my belief that we can do more together.

The focus is on St. Peter's Skill Center, located in Lamin, The Gambia, where young women attend school for three years.  They learn to sew, receive computer classes and take other subjects, meant to give them a chance to create a livelihood.

The graduating class of 2021 has 16 students preparing to enter the working world and the Pillars Of Gambia is giving them a helping hand to add another tool in their tool belt, hoping they will feel empowered to thrive.

The Pillars Of Gambia has supplied sewing machines, sewing materials, good fitting shoes from my organization, CHOOSE TO CARE and other goods. The organization has also built two flushing toilets, introducing better sanitation for the aspiring dressmakers.

Our attention turns to the graduation class; proper certificates, gowns to be worn with pride and any additional kindness to make this a special day.  Most of the students have a great desire to own their own business.  We have presented a competition/task to them, asking that they write what they think it will take for them to become entrepreneurs. We would like them to use their energy and creativity to follow paths that can take them to the possibilities that await.  For their effort to set up this "business plan" there will be three prizes.  The winner will walk away with a sewing machine, the second and third prizes will receive small amounts of seed money for their dream to be business women.

We also want the students to know that opportunities will not be packaged and presented to them in a perfect way, most of the times; it takes hard work, sweat and sometimes tears.  But we are looking out for them, we have a passion to make a difference and hope they will view life through  more optimistic lens.

 These are small steps that can lead to big changes.

Our gratitude to our supporters!  The joy of service  lives on!