Tuesday, April 2, 2024


 "The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention" Anonymous

Friends and family, you know that for years Choose To Care(CTC) has been taking a monthly trip to fulfill its mission of providing a brand new pair of shoes for children in need.

We are inviting you to take this journey with us. We have checked in with Donors Choose(donorschoose.org), an organization dedicated to finding resources for public school teachers and their students, nationwide.

For the month of April, we are making our way to Nicholas Senn High School, Chicago, IL. There we found Ms. L, the 9-12th grade teacher who pleaded for shoes for her students, described as newcomers in need, who arrived with limited personal items. A brand new pair of shoes she said,  along with other necessary items, will allow the students to remain in school each day.

We at CTC are enthusiastic to make Ms. L's wishes come true. We salute this kind teacher for taking the extra steps to embrace the immigrants seeking refuge. We aim to lift kids out of poverty, one pair of shoes at a time. This simple act of kindness will allow the students to gain confidence so they can concentrate on their education.

Of course we have the most generous and passionate supporters who have helped us to bring this project to life. Thanks for the incredible impact we are making together.

We also use this platform to encourage an eco friendly environment. We must work towards a healthier planet and help to protect vulnerable landscapes for future generations. Our input, such as reducing water usage and energy consumption, etc; no matter how small will have an effect.

Until next month!

Peace, Love & Kindness

Tuesday, March 26, 2024


 "The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members, including the children" Mahatma Gandhi

It's March! Choose To Care(CTC) is prepared to to take its monthly journey to bring goodness to a teacher's classroom. CTC is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need. Through Donors Choose(donors choose.org), a trusted teacher-founded nonprofit that allows public school teachers nationwide to request funding for their classroom; CTC sponsors a teacher's project, monthly.

This month CTC is heading to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to answer the 4th grade teacher's request for tennis shoes, to help new students assimilate to life in the USA. She described the ill-fitting shoes that the newcomers, as she called them, wear to school. The shoes she said are inadequate, have ripped soles, full of holes, too tight, some too big, etc.

As usual our very generous and passionate supporters helped to bring this project to life. They are the driving force behind our mission. Thank you for being such a special part of our community. The many problems that arise from poverty may not go away through a brand new pair of shoes but you have helped to open doors for opportunities.

CTC is betting on the children seeing hope and potential in themselves. These journeys continue to warm our hearts. My gratitude for your offering to the children

Please don't forget today attention to the destruction of Mother Earth and do your part, no matter how small, to keep the planet earth nourished. Your involvement matters.

Peace and Gratitude!


 Thanks for your support! I am filled with gratitude and pride for the projects we at Choose To Care(CTC) have been able to engage with.

1) We have continued to support public school teachers nationwide, through Donors Choose(donorschoose.org), fulfilling our mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for children in need. We also spread our wings globally to assist children and young adults in need with a brand new pair of shoes.

2) We are aware of the inequities and pain of the world and extended our help for the many kids in need. We have been sponsoring children in need, through Children International and ChildFund International, two American based organizations. We support six children from various countries, including the USA. These organizations provide education, clothing and proper nutrition; so the children can thrive.

3) Through support we have built a restaurant in Arusha, Tanzania for a young couple. We encouraged the hiring of community based local people and drove home the multiplier effect of giving help to others, because they themselves have been given a chance to make their way out of poverty.

4) We are giving some assistance to a young college student in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. This has helped her to focus on her studies.

We are deeply thankful for your support on these and other short term projects we have undertaken; whether it was giving a donation or spreading the words about our work. The impact you have made on the lives of the children and young adults we serve is greatly appreciated.

We also use the CTC platform to create awareness for the need to preserve Mother Earth, no matter how small your action is, it will make a difference. Once more, thanks for the incredible impact we are making together.

In Service and  Kindness!

Thursday, February 1, 2024


 "We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better." J.K. Rowling

We at Choose To Care(CTC) look forward to our monthly journeys to answer a public teacher's call for resources for students.CTC(choosetocaresite.org) is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need. We provide this gift through Donors Choose(donors choose.org), the organization that allows any interested person to sponsor a teacher's classroom project when a request has been made for assistance.

It is our passion at CTC to lift their spirits, induce smiles and restore hope for these children in need. We are grateful for the opportunity to change the lives of the students at the Doolen Middle school, Tucson,Arizona. The teacher for these Grades 6-8 students, Ms. Sarah, stated that many of the students depend on the school to provide them with basic necessities, including shoes. She also said that many students arrive to school in heavily damaged shoes and they are desperately in need of proper fitting new shoes. Our journey of changing their lives through the distribution of shoes has ben made possible by our community of supporters.

Thank you for being such a special part of our project, enabling us to make changes in these students lives and raise joy together.

Again, we are calling on you to do your part to keep Mother Earth healthy, no matter how small that action may be.


Thursday, January 4, 2024


 "And when you want something all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."Paulo Coelho

With the new year came new requests. The need is still great! Choose To Care(CTC)(choosetocaresite.org), the nonprofit whose mission is to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need; has continued its pledge to sponsor public school teachers' projects as it has done for years. This we do monthly through Donors Choose(donors choose.org), a trusted classroom funding site for teachers, which allows any interested person to sponsor a teacher's classroom of choice.

This month we are staying closer to home, heading to Charter School for Applied Technologies-Elementary School, Buffalo, NY. Ms. Spano, the 9-12th grades teacher called her project "Run Like The Wind." She requested track spikes for the many students whose families are unable to provide the proper running shoes that their children need.

CTC finds JOY in putting a smile on the faces of the children. CTC also finds pleasure in giving gratitude to the loyal and dedicated supporters by honoring each person, one month at a time to show that we CARE. Their generous and steadfast support have allowed us to continue on our journey. Thank you so much for making the past years so special.

We cannot forget about keeping the planet we live on as healthy as possible. Our effort, no matter how small will certainly make a difference. Let's start the new year off on the right foot.

Peace And Love

Sunday, December 3, 2023


 "You must be prepared to work always without applause" Ernest Hemingway

Choose To Care(CTC)(choosetocaresite.org), is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for children in need globally and was founded in 2008. They are forever roaming this great but sometimes difficult nation of ours to navigate where they will land.

Donors Choose(donors choose.org), is also a nonprofit organization that allows teachers at public schools nationwide to request resources for their classrooms. The public can easily assist by donating to a teacher's project of choice.

Each month CTC takes that journey to deliver much needed resources. For this month our destination is at Nichols Upper Elementary School in Miami, Oklahoma. Ms. Rosenberg, the kind teacher of Grades 6-8 students passionately wrote about her broken heart seeing the children wearing ill-fitted shoes. Dignity she said"is a learning tool just like a pencil and a good breakfast and is needed"

We at CTC definitely agree and would like to humbly thank our supporters who have made it possible for us to make these joyful deliveries that will put a smile on everyone's faces.

CTC is also a champion for keeping Mother Earth healthy. We hope you will continue to do your part, no matter how small, to honor the health of the planet we call home.

As we come to the end of another year and the start of another, may we find it in our hearts to continue 

helping those who are struggling to stay afloat despite daunting and unimaginable circumstances. Wishing everyone health, joy and strength and a safe journey into 2024.

Peace And Love

Wednesday, November 8, 2023


 "When you are laboring for others, let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself" Confucius

Choose To Care(CTC)(choosetocaresite.org), the nonprofit with a mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need; is on their way to Long Beach, CA, to answer the request from Ms. Ali, the 6-8 grades teacher at Franklin Classical Middle School. She called her project "Feet In Action" Her goal is to provide tennis shoes to students who need them the most so they can enjoy participating in sports and physical education classes.

We are in awe of Donors Choose(donors choose.org), a very trusted classroom funding site for teachers nationwide. Teachers from public schools are given the chance to request resources for their students and classrooms. The best news is that anyone who so desire can donate directly to the project they care about, through Donors Choose.  We at CTC find joy in assisting.

A reminder also that CTC promotes eco-friendly behaviors, encouraging everyone to find ways, no matter how small, in order to contribute to an earth friendly environment.

A deep gratitude to all CTC's supporters. We greatly appreciate your kindness.