Thursday, March 10, 2011

Living In Balance Come Rain or Shine

The rain god was angry. Water poured down from the skies, the streets were flooded, about to be washed away,it seemed.Some pedestrians hopped to find a safe spot to land their feet, others walked through deep puddles. As we peered through the window, I jokingly said "this is a tsunami and we may have to swim through this one."

So where were we going? What was so important that we had to be out instead of heading home? It was the girls' night out, planned three (3) months ago and nothing was going to stop the women's club warriors. We were on our way to the Evangeline's Restaurant for authentic Philippine cuisine. The turnout was good! After hugs and kisses, we settled down to a menu of exotic sounding dishes written in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. The English version led us to pork, beef, chicken and seafood dishes bathed in their unique and delicious spices. Dishes from the grill hit the spot and you could hear the delight in the diners voices as they savored this special cuisine.

We binged on a communal plate of cassava cake and drank halo halo to wash it down. We screamed with delight when we noticed two waiters with a roasted pig hoisted on a tray for the diners next to us, celebrating an impending birth. The little piggy sat intact, in all its splendor, no fear at all shown on its face,roasted to perfection, waiting for the diners to get their teeth in its well-done meat. Some people just love their LECHON(roasted pork).

Kudos to Margo Vinson who received an award of appreciation from the Choose To Care Organization. Her assistance has been very valuable. The Choose To Care Organization continues to protect the feet of children and young adults in need by providing them with a brand new pair of shoes.

We ate, we talked and played catch-up and when we were ready to call it a night, we grabbed our doggie bags and take home orders, as we scattered into the street. By now the skies were clear and we stayed put for a while taking in the fresh air. My thoughts turned to the severe downpour a few hours earlier. We did not retreat, we did not allow the rain god to rain on our parade. This women's club is a group to reckon with indeed! So brave souls, see you next time,come rain or shine.

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet."
Emily Dickinson

Keep Living!