Saturday, January 20, 2018


                                            "Help me to help them was the cry.
                                              And you all came running, banding
                                              together for a kinder world."

The small quarters worried me when I arrived for the fundraising brunch for the Choose To Care(CTC) organization.  I gave the butterflies a second to play havoc in my stomach and quickly flipped the "this is not going to work" button to "we have to make it work."  It was time to make lemonade out of lemon.

The dear folks came in and took their position and I no longer saw tight space.  I am of the belief that there is enough space for everyone on this amazing earth, if we just shift over a little.  This movement is about showing kindness, recognizing that someone could use a helping hand. This profound message was literally playing out before my eyes; the place seemed to have magically widened.  As old and new acquaintances began to arrive, the room was buzzing with excitement.  Each person had carved out their niche and I could feel my worry lines fading away, my face was relaxed as I scanned the room, feeling satisfied.  The revelers were settling in waiting for a bite.

I told the story of CTC and it's humble beginning and although it was delivered in a nutshell, I am sure they understood my passion and commitment to carry out the mission to provide the children in need with a brand new pair of shoes.  I am also revved up about establishing a healthy pathway for the kids and their families and at each and every gathering to continue to encourage the kids and their families to be caretakers of this wonderful world we live in; starting with the community where they call home. Later on while viewing some photos, I laughed at how the depth of my feelings was captured when I told my story; by my expressions my inhibitions of facing the crowd seemed to have disappeared as I poured out my soul. The onlookers were also at attention, listening to my simple words, that told my reasons for serving these precious kids.

                                               "How can a Title less creature be of help,
                                                I keep asking myself.
                                                This is the work of the famous
                                                 But I know better and I begin once again,
                                                 that unfinished job."

It was heartwarming to hear a representative from an organization that serves the children of Haiti spoke about what it meant to be able to distribute a brand new pair of shoes to children so they can walk to school without getting cuts on their feet. She told the story of a young woman who thanked her for a pair of shoes, she received over three years ago that allowed her to travel to college to become a teacher. This my dear friends is what we describe as "happy feet"  Oh, the power of a brand new pair of shoes.

How fitting it was that so many kind folks came out to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther  King.  It is he who said:

                                                  "Life's most persistent and urgent question,
                                                    is what are you doing for others."
My hope is that you will go where your heart leads you to be of service to others.

Thanks to the hands that prepared such great tasting food, as many reached for more helpings, there were words of praises for this scrumptious meal.  As I began to reflect, the space that seemed so small at first ,widened to fit everyone;  there were drinks and food to satisfy thirst and hunger. I did not hear any grumbling and connections were made. If anything was out of sorts, it was promptly amended. Indeed, we made lemonade out of lemon.

And for me, a little extra came my way from a girl scout leader in California who shared with me via e-mail that her troop, in order to earn their "staying fit badges" have to learn how to be their best healthy self.  She said she had been helping them research all about healthy eating habits, exercising and managing stress.  They came across health information in a blog posted on CTC's website which really helped the girls and she wanted to say thanks.  She shared a link that she thought would help others also:  This is icing on the cake, never underestimate the impact you can make in this world, no matter how small.

"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart"
Vincent Van Gogh

Kindness begets kindness. Your presence and assistance were greatly appreciated.
Wishing you many more.