Sunday, June 28, 2020



Since you asked "How can I help?" I am taking the liberty to direct you to CHOOSE TO CARE's work during lockdown. Visit us at ( and read our blog "Housebound And Hard At Work" to learn about projects we have worked on and ways you can be of service to the youth in need.

We are forever grateful for any choice you make, every little bit counts.

  1. Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the total cost of the goods you purchase to Choose To Care(CTC).  Please register and choose the charity:CHOOSE TO CARE.  There is nothing charged to you! This is the
  2. Because of the Pandemic, we had to cancel our Annual Fundraising event that was set for April 2020. We have set-up a GoFundMY Charity. This is the link:https// Any amount is of value!
  3. I have created an online charity store that I have named BLOSSOM, the message to the youth "keep blooming" It is housed in another store, Jamboree Couture.  Right now it displays afrocentric goods that I purchased on my visit to Tanzania, last year.  These goods were made by women of the Masai tribe and the purchases provided a small income for the women and their families.  My plan is to purchase bits and pieces from groups who are struggling but have used their hands and skills to make eye catching goods.  Take a look, you may see something you like, if not for yourself, a gift for that special person. 100% of the purchases will be used for CTC and other youth oriented or environmentally friendly programs/projects.
          BLOSSOM - The Charity Store

           Stay Safe! Stay Hopeful!

           With Gratitude!

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Dear Supporters,

We have some exciting news!  As we get ready to hit the REFRESH button life, we at CHOOSE TO CARE(CTC) are preparing to continue our journey with our work for the youth; giving them a fighting chance in hopefully, a more just and sustainable world, where everyone is allowed to thrive.

We have been supporting Public School Teachers for years, but in March, CTC ambitiously set the goal of sponsoring a teacher's classroom project each month, going forward.  This we do through DONORS CHOOSE(donors; the organization that supports Public School Classroom project requests, nationwide.

Through your kindness and contribution to our GoFundMYCharity project, we are making progress.  This is a heart-felt thank you for supporting CTC, for investing in our mission to give resources that students need to develop and become empowered.  We are always honored to answer the teachers plea for their students well-being.

Our resounding mandate remains: The Children  -  Resources  -  A Fighting Chance

Thank You Everyone!

Yours In Health,


Monday, June 8, 2020


There is so much happening  around us.  We dare not ignore the loud and commanding shout for justice and equity. I will continue to do what I am always moved to do, be part of the solution.
The youth is my focus, working to make sure that they have the resources they need for their education and development.

The action plan is to do what is possible within my means, effectively and consistently. This consist of working on projects, here at home and abroad; such as the most recent, called "the whole 9 yards" that was introduced to the young girls at a Technical School in the Gambia, West Africa, before the shutdown caused by Covid19.

We have linked with the organization , "The Pillars of Gambia" to:

  • Build 2 flushing toilets
  • Provide fans for the classroom
  • donate sewing materials
  • Give brand new pair of shoes & more
We are giving to requests made through "Donors Choose"the organization that seeks sponsorships for teachers' classroom projects.

We are increasing traffic to Blossom, the charity store, created to gain funds for the work we want to do with the youth.  Our competition held on 6/5 to 6/7 gave the purchaser the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive a $50.00 gift for a frontline worker or a charity of their own.

I will continue educating myself, giving deep thoughts to projects I take on to make life better for the youth in need; and keep hoping for better, knowing that all things are possible.

Thanks to all who are helping to contribute to make this happen, you are greatly appreciated.

Will keep you updated!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Covid19 - Inequity - Hatred: Grabbing Our Attention

To the Choose To Care Community

When the global pandemic hit us, it compounded the issues we were dealing with, while being of service to the youth living in poverty.  The world was on pause but we did not allow this added huge issue to floor us.  We stayed the course!  We reached out to you, our valued donors and thanked you for your support in the past and joined in the anthem heard around the nation and worldwide, "we are in this together."

We knew we were about to enter a new world of our own making, the poverty would have been exacerbated, the need would be greater. So we plotted, planned and strategized to meet this struggle, anew.
                               "We will either find a way, or make one" - Hannibal

We are determined to  carry on Choose To Care's mission to help kids in their educational journey, help them climb out of poverty and open their eyes to a great learning experience; saving the environment.

We are hit with this widespread epidemic of hatred. The country has reached a feverish pitch over the death of Floyd George, the black man from Minnesota and the growing movement that has evolved. I know we must join this fight to create a more equitable society. We are hit from every angle.

I know I have to have a new approach to overcome this ugliness, skimming the surface will no longer do. We must find hope amidst this chaos.  This is my message to myself:

  • Take more courageous steps
  • Have deeper conversations
  • Have high expectations
  • Find sustainable solutions
My mind and heart are wide open for this golden opportunity to do more. Change does not come easy but Choose to Care is committed to this fight and I will work tirelessly for justice for all.

Keep Believing!