Sunday, February 12, 2012


                              "Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

Once upon a time I wrote the names of my sponsored children and their Countries alongside their names. On this list are also a list of Countries I would like to visit. Each time I discover another gem, tucked away in this giant of a world, I go through the ritual of updating the list, knowing that one day these journeys will come true.  There are no set dates because I have learned the value of waiting, besides it does not cost anything to have wishes, and each new discovery brings pure joy and anticipation that someday I will set foot on this land.

Those who have followed CHOOSE TO CARE'S blogs know that wishes do come true.  In 2010 I visited Elizabeth and Margret, two of my sponsored children who live in Zambia, Africa.  Now I am planning this ambitious trip to Ecuador, South America where I will meet Elvis, a nineteen year old young man with whom I have shared years of letter writing, since he was at the ripe age of eight.  I have kept each letter and each photo.  I received a letter a few weeks ago, and I will share tidbits. Elvis wrote "I am writing these lines from my beautiful city......(full of pride, I noticed.) And he also said: "I want to continue studying and have a good future. I want to help those who have been very supportive."

Music to my ears, joy to my soul, with that mind set and given the opportunities, I am sure Elvis will will succeed.  This is a tale of transformation, a young man making his way in this harsh world, supported by the Children International Organization that makes it their duty to help children who are in dire need  and would not do well if not for their helping hands.  I have read enough about Ecuador to know that it is a destination where life is not laid out for comfort and amusement for this young man and many others.

I am setting off on an adventure of a lifetime, heading for Guayaquil, that beautiful city as Elvis described it, and on my return you will be the first to read about  how I fared.  My message remains the same as it was for the two girls in Zambia, "study hard, keep your hopes alive, we've got your back"

It was John Dewey who said:     
"To find out what one is fitted to do And to receive an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness"