Friday, January 1, 2016



She makes it happen
From finding the space
And jazzing it up!
Choosing the kids
And kicking things off!
She keeps the energy up
In support of CHOOSE TO CARE's Mission.


Tehmina works the room
Getting the kids up to speed
Giving them tips, on good
tasting, nutritious foods.
And have them moving to the beat!
"This is fun," her bright lit face seems to say
CHOOSE TO CARE kids are on a healthy track!
As she leads the way, Bollywood style,
Just watch them go!


Navdeep, just knows how to make
healthy and nutritious, fun time.
She gathers her very young helpers
from the audience to join her
in getting everyone in the action.
The spirit is catching, she is in her element.
And soon parents and kids are applauding
and lingering for more.


Callista will not stop
until she takes some
bright eyed kids on
a culinary adventure
beyond apples and bananas.
Fantasy and Imagination is her game,
"Look at this wonder, mother nature has created."
And she cuts a unique fruit apart, dissects it
and catches them in awe.
Their taste buds are awakened
And we are down another winning path
where nutritious and tasty are awaiting.


Leoniza gets her troop together
and when they join hands,
amazing things happen!
The creative flier tells the story
of what's to come on that special
day of celebration.
Health and Nutrition messages strung together
will make you pause and take note.
These messages are the backdrop
that are meant to educate
the kids and the public.
This shows their determination to send
nutrition and health facts, whichever way possible.
Even through a work of art!

Thank you difference makers, for your personal commitment.  Your contribution to CHOOSE TO CARE has brought such joy.  Thanks for your compassionate, caring support for the kids in need.
Peace & Love!