Friday, June 17, 2016


We believe that together we can make wonderful things happen.  Nutritionist and Friends In Action {NAFIA} aim to be builders.  We are sharpening our tools, getting ready to engage a very young group of boys, girls and their families in ways to live healthfully.  We would like them to make "My Plate" their very own, so that they will be eager to eat wholesome foods.  We will also use this opportunity to promote exercise, giving them the chance to participate in fitness classes; from skipping rope to dancing to popular beats.

We will continue to build confidence and hope that as they grow they will join their community to practise healthy living.  The smallest of change we know for sure will make a difference, involving the youth in a winning situation.  As the NAFIA folks get ready for the event on 8/13/16 at the Langston Hughes Library, we will also focus on different ways to use plain yogurt to produce a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

These lines taken from the "Servant Song" by Richard Gillard, means so much to me.

                                     "We are pilgrims on a journey.
                                       We are travelers on the road.
                                        We are here to help each other,
                                         Walk the mile and bear the load."

Indeed, on this journey we will help each other become as healthy we can be, no matter how difficult. These words beautifully set the tone of the work we have set out to do.  These are the words we hope to live by.  We must BELIEVE that our work is possible.  We must ENGAGE the youth.
We must EDIFY the youth and give them hope.  Today we are are answering the call to be game changers.

One Love!