Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The champions at St Peter's Basic School in the Gambia, West Africa have made a commitment to keep mother earth safe.  We sent the students a message about the destruction  of our earth and challenged them to do something about it.

We urged the winners to spearhead a campaign and form a club with their fellow students to tackle this imminent destruction and keep waste from landfills in their corner of the world.(Read May's blog: "Your Opinion Matters")

We received messages and photos of the students banding together to find solutions.  They posted messages, had broom in hand to clean up around the school and they have put on education programs and drama plays to spread the seriousness of this matter.  The ultimate goal is to get the community involved in this uphill battle.

This ambitious group of youngsters has produced the fact reaction we wanted.  I don't know about you but I am impressed. We at Choose To Care(CTC) will not only fulfill our mission of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need but will also encourage all our platforms, which are:

  • Staying Physically and Mentally Fit With CTC
  • Keeping Mother Earth Green
  • Messages of Healthy Eating and Well-Being

We pledge to share information and answers to help reduce this waste, to give a helping hand to support this endeavor and to keep this enthusiastic momentum going.  As a result of this saving the planet vibe, I am sure the students will feel more confident working together.  I truly believe if change is what you want, do something to make it happen.  The actions of these kids will make a difference.  We should all take the plunge and get involved in something meaningful, starting in one section of the globe at a time.

I can't wait to see what next they are up to as their project come to life and they work to accomplish amazing things together.

Cheers Partners!