Thursday, September 10, 2020

In Your Honor

 When I made the commitment to sponsor a public school teacher's project request, each month, so that the students can obtain resources; I knew it may be difficult at times to attain that ambitious goal but I focused on the positive, with the mantra ringing in my head: "when there is a will there is a way."

Through Donors Choose, the organization that makes it easy for anyone to assist a classroom in need, when Public school teachers, nationwide submit project request; I have continued to meet Choose To Care's(CTC) promise and so very happy to be in this for the long haul.

For the month of September, CTC donated to a teacher's request titled: "shoes that feel good on our feet" This came from Mrs. G of Greenwood Elementary School, Florence, South Carolina.  This honorable teacher wanted comfortable pair of shoes for the kids in her classroom, shoes that fit and without holes.  She wanted shoes that feel good on their feet and makes them feel good inside.  This is certainly the mission of CTC and teachers deserve all the thanks in the world for their hard work and dedication to their students.

I am also honoring my dear friend who passed away suddenly, pulling many of us out of our balance. Lots of gratitude for her unwavering support. I savor the moments of solidarity and I appreciate her friendship.

Dearest Mary Luz,

You left this earth without fanfare and your absence has saddened us. But we have wiped away our tears, so we can see your indelible marks, scattered around us and read clearly, what the BOOK of LIFE has to say about you.  You were such a nourishing soul, from whom kindness and caring flowed, enriching our lives. We will miss your big heart.

You loved life and dancing brought you such joy. You seemed to be forever in motion, with all the right moves. Hips that don't lie, feet that never missed a beat.  And when you stare down on us, we will have the music ablaze with the volume, way up high; so you will hear our call and get another chance to put on your dancing shoes and join your circle of friends, in celebration of the difference you made.

We salute you Mary Luz!  

Your Grateful Friend!