Thursday, December 8, 2011

CHOOSE TO CARE - Donations & Disbursements - Fiscal Year Ending 11/30/12

To: Valuable Donors/Thanks for your support.

Fund Raising (Book of Quotations)                                                $1532.00
Donation                                                                                       2416.00
Fund Balances(year end 2010)                                                         1519.00

Shoes purchased for Children issued through seven (7) organizations
working with youth:                                                                                            $4,240.00

Fund Balance(year end 2011)                                                                               $1,227.00

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


  "If you cry because the sun has left your life,
   your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars"

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love riding the subway. It is a theater unto itself, there is drama, musical and everything in between, played out in front of your eyes. The antics of the characters can amuse or disgust you and many riders just mind their own business, reading, dozing, knitting or listening to their I-Pods, never looking in the way of the actors, avoiding the stage altogether.  As much as I enjoy the show, the ride also serves as my time out, giving me a chance to reason with myself, write my stories and catch-up on projects approaching deadlines.  Usually, regardless of the turmoil around me, I have the energy to be productive on these rides.  But something is different this time, for two days I have tried to put this end of year blog together but did not get far;every creation was full of negative thoughts.  I felt burdened and weighed down.  I definitely did not want to go down that path, I went on to other things.

I strive for balance, so a ticket to Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater was a welcoming distraction, a mood changer.  As I watched the REVELATIONS Dance numbers which I had seen many times, I could hardly contain myself, moving in my seat, raising up from my seat, feeling the spirit of the song, "ROCKA MY SOUL IN THE BOSOM OF ABRAHAM" That's when it occurred to me that I was experiencing the joy of living.  This was the pause I needed to pull me out of the dry spell.  This wonderful exhilarating moment made the adversity I felt easier to bear.  It reminded me that my blessings exceed my burdens.  My thoughts led to GRATITUDE and on my ride home on the subway, I began to scribble on scraps of paper what this script would be.  I became a writer, director, choreographer and producer of this show, meaning this was in my court.  So this is a sampling of the things I am thankful for.

  • I am thankful for my parents that guided my upbringing that has led me by their example to go out into the world to be an agent of positive change, ready to make a difference locally, nationally and beyond.
  • I am thankful for a partner who understands why I am drawn to help the human community of the world.  From the African Masai Tribe we learn "Sticks alone can be broken by a child, but sticks in a bundle are unbreakable."  The fears and sorrows that we bear can become so heavy that they can break us if we bear them alone but when we stick together we are unbreakable and we can overcome any adversity.
  • I am thankful for my children who after all did listen to the guidance they were given and doing their part to sustain this wonderful and amazing world that we live in.
  • I am thankful for my family, although scattered around the globe, know that you are frequently thought about and loved.
  • I am thankful for my roommate, in our undergraduate journey we lived harmoniously in a dormitory in small quarters and the respect for each other was awesome.  Even today your friendship remains a lot to me.
  • I am thankful for my sponsored children who live in six different Countries, two of whom I have met.  I have great hope for each and everyone.
  • I am thankful for my body, my temple, this vessel that I am mindful of that I continue to nourish in various ways;that has carried me all these years, that still function at a high capacity, enabling me to make every effort to care for the people of the world and their well-being.
  • In case you think you are left off the sampling, this is for you:  I am thankful for the vast web of support and love that you have shown. Thanks for catching me when I am about to fall.
May you also find a feeling of renewal and have your spirit raised to roll with life's zinger.

          "Each moment is a treasure, enjoy it!
            We are travelers on life's highway
            Enjoy the trip. Each lovely twist and byway,
            Each bump and dip. Voila, that's life, enjoy it!"
                                       Maurice Chevalier

Peace and Love for 2012  and Beyond.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I have been doing "shoe drops" as I call it but decided to add a touch, an event if you please.  For MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY,10/22/11, I wanted the youth at this gathering to know that any small task can lift the spirit and make a difference in someone's life.  So I started out by acknowledging the day and it's importance and invited the children to begin to make a difference.  Some stepped up to the podium to talk about the things they are now doing and others talked about what they will do.

We did not stop there, added was the message of healthy living.  So we all began to move and sway to a meaningful song that my kind colleague prepared for me; getting our limbs awaken and sealing that exercise is good for us all and fun stuff like dancing counts as exercise.

A few had heard about MyPlate, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) icon, that reminds us how to eat well and keep our bodies nourished.  Then it was movie time, "Supersize Me" was the name of the film of choice which showed the ill-effects of eating out at McDonald's or any fast food joint too often.  One of the young men had seen the film in school and stepped up to give tidbits of what this film was about.

 We welcomed tips from a Podiatrist from a neighboring hospital who talked about our feet which we ignore until they begin to hurt, wearing the right shoes that fit is important, avoiding the nail salon and if we do go, excellent sanitary condition is a must she stated.  Shoe time and each kid received a brand new pair of shoes with the MESSAGE CARD that says "STAY IN SCHOOL"  We ended the day with a delicious lunch prepared by some giving women of the church community.

Thanks to my colleagues who have helped me to make this day happen  The wall you decorated with paper shoes of all sizes and styles, looked like the real things and received a lot of admiration from the wide- eyed audience, kids and adults alike, peppered with "did you make these?"  My friend, thanks for helping me to shop for these shoes and to tote them to their destination.  My gratitude to the anonymous donor who sent me a donation with an apology that he is retired and wished he could do more.  "Sir, every little bit counts and thanks for the blessings you sent our way."  To the parents of the children, the coordinator of the youth program, the women of the church, your support is greatly appreciated.  I came away with a feeling of renewal, with my spirits raised and my faith in people heightened.  CHOOSE TO CARE is a small program trying to make an impact and  ready  to take on it's next mission.

Keep Adapting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"When are you coming?"  The voice on the other end sounded doubtful.  We had been playing 'phone tag for a while, different circumstances had stalled our plan to buy and drop off shoes for children and young adults residing in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn.  We had finally carved out a day and time that was convenient for all of us and we shopped with the help of the store clerk until we had picked out 55 pairs of shoes in different styles, ready to be fitted on the feet of those deserving boys and girls in waiting.

Our hands are tired, walking from the store to the subway.  It was not a long distance but we were laden down with a number of heavy bags filled with shoes.  We boarded the M train for the ride to Brooklyn, luckily the train was practically empty.  There was enough room to lay our bags down and we tied them securely to prevent losing any of our 'treasures.'

Seated and spread out, having a better grip on our goods, we began to concentrate on where we were heading.  When we finally reached our stop, we hopped off the subway, bags in tow, not knowing whether to turn left or right.  We finally reached our destination, happy to give our hands a rest and declared"we are here."

The Director and her assistant to whom care of these children is entrusted, greeted us filled with gratitude for this small deed made possible by CHOOSE TO CARE AND FRIENDS.  That old familiar saying "where there is a will there is a way," came to mind as I mentally prepared for the next shoe drop.

In each pair of shoes we had slipped two messages, one encouraged staying in school because we believe that education opens up great possibilities and the other is to  eat foods that keep them well because it is so important to   make healthier food choices even from a young age.  We do not know how many will heed us but we will keep trying and never lose hope.

Yours in Health and fitness!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was four years ago in September that CHOOSE TO CARE was created to provide for the under served.  The idea of giving a brand new pair of shoes came about while vacationing abroad and witnessing so many young children walking barefooted in murky water and on hot grounds where broken bottles and garbage were strewn.  When I investigated at home, the need was just as great nation-wide and I discovered that there are many organizations with the similar idea of providing a pair of shoes for those in need.  I am happy that this small act has become a vital link to many not for profit organization working with the youth.

Each birthday WHETS MY APPETITE to do more and my soul is brimming with excitement as I plan each activity.  Shopping for shoes bring great joy.  Here is a sneak peak of how we will celebrate this coming of age.
~~  We have a shoe drop in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn on 9/20/2011; fifty-five youth will be the recipients.
~~  Still in the celebration mode, on Make A Difference Day, 10/22/2011 a national day put aside to do good in the community; we will celebrate the youth in action at the Vineyard International Christian Church in the Bronx.  Proper foot care will be highlighted. We will spring into action with simple movements, introduce MyPlate, the federal government new food icon and offer tips on how to make great food choices, eat well and stay fit.  A gift of a brand new pair of shoes is our giveaway for the day.

So although not full blown and still operating on a small scale, CHOOSE TO CARE continues to put its best foot forward as we reach yet another milestone.
       "I slept and dreamt that
         life was joy.
         I woke and saw that
        life was service.
        I acted and behold,
        service was joy."
                       Rabindranath Tagore

HAPPY           BIRTHDAY          CHOOSE          TO          CARE

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping For Civic Good---Out Running Miss Irene

Many had supported the Choose TO CARE ORGANIZATION by buying a $5.00 ticket for the anticipated Macy's Shop For A Cause event that occurred on 8/27/11. But the Mighty Miss Irene had other plans and the majority of shoppers stayed home, rightfully so, not wanting to feel her wrath. I decided to out run Miss fast moving Irene who was ripping through Virginia and heading our way; so I got an early start to the store. There I met others who had the same plan, armed with their coupons that gave us 25% off our purchase for an all-day shopping, which would be cut short because of the impending visitor, Miss Irene.

Macy's associates were selling tickets in-store but I proudly displayed my own for my own charity. At the cash register, the women were in a good mood, as they jokingly screamed "I am shopping for a cause" while winking, because this time no one would dare say we shopped too much. This time our love for shopping would genuinely help out a deserving charity and at the same time, someone will get a chance to be a winner of the $500.00 gift card that was part of the shopping lure. So although Miss Ferocious Irene rained on our parade, it was not a complete wash out, we managed to earn some needed funds so that we can continue our mission of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the youth in need.

I came home to a 'safe haven' and embodied nature from indoors. It is times like this that I am more mindful that we are small animals not the giants so many of us profess to be and can be easily struck down by the power of earth's natural forces. I continue to be humbled and filled with gratitude. "But couldn't you have picked another day Miss Irene?" We have next year to look forward to and I am begging you to ask your sister, the one with the name starting with a 'J' that if she intends to pay us a visit next year, to work around that great event,Macy's Shop For A Cause. Thanks to all the kind folks who donated to our cause.
Peace and Love!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The CHOOSE TO CARE organization started out with a strong determination of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the child or young adult in need at home and abroad. We do this simple act in order to protect the children's feet from cuts and infections and lessen their need to wear ill-fitted shoes, while bringing pride and joy to their young lives.

Now we are taking this to another level and plans are being made for October 22, 2011, on MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY. We will put together a program of Nutrition, Health and Exercise activities. On our Wish-List is the desire for a Podiatrist to come by and remind us of how important our feet are.

Each brand new pair of shoes given will have a card that reads: STAY IN SCHOOL ^^^^ EAT FOODS THAT KEEP YOU WELL. These messages are meant to push the power of education and a healthy lifestyle. We aim to build self confidence, bring hope and encourage good health and positive development, one step at a time.

So when people ask why I pay attention to shoes, I will take the opportunity to let them know that this small gift of a brand new pair of shoes is the start of good things to come that could easily take these children on a meaningful journey, empowering them to become agents of change.

You can log on to to follow the events or find a charity that pique your interest. We welcome any tips to make our day fun-filled and successful.
Thank you for continuing to make a difference to the CHOOSE TO CARE ORGANIZATION.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Small Feat

CHOOSE TO CARE is all revved up, ready to prepare for MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY, which takes place on 10/22/2011. It is the day when millions of Americans will volunteer in their communities doing good. This year we will once again work with the youth in the Vineyard International Christian Ministries Church,located in the Bronx. Choose To Care has provided shoes for the children of newly arrived immigrant families or other members of the Church who find it difficult to fully provide for their children. Sometimes within families there are 3-4 children in need and only 1 child may receive so that other families can also benefit. The Coordinator weighs the needs and at times boys will receive while girls have to wait their turn or vice versa. On MAKE A DIFFERENCE Day, we would like to make a difference in the lives of the children who were passed over because prior donations could only stretch so far, by giving them a brand new pair of shoes. We hope this small gesture will produce happy feet and place a smile on their faces.

In addition, on this day we will add fun-filled health and nutrition activities to foster good health and positive development. To learn more about this special day, you can log on

Thanks to all who have participated in Macy's Shop For A Cause Project,the funds will help us to continue our essential work of helping those in need. Happy shopping at Macy's on 8/27/2011 and do not forget to enter your ticket so that you can get a chance at winning the $500 gift certificate.

More to come!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


CHOOSE TO CARE has joined Macy's Shop for A Cause. The good news is that all the money collected from the sale of the tickets will go to the organization. Our mission is to continue to provide a brand new pair of shoes for a child or young adult in need. That desire drives us to work hard at raising funds to carry on this essential work. So grab a few friends, entice them to buy a ticket, give a ticket to your best pal, someone in your life has a birthday or a special day coming up? Then give them this small but meaningful gift; a ticket to shop all day on Saturday, August 27,2011 at any Macy's nation-wide or online @ Macy' Not only will you recive 25% discount off most things you purchase but you will also get a chance to win a $500 MACY'S GIFT CARD.

We hope you will support our cause. Send us an E-mail to let us know how many tickets you would like.

EIN: 35-2309289

CHOOSE TO CARE gets 100% of the money raised.

With much love and gratitude!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


By chance I came across an advertisement put out by Macy's called, "Macy's Shop for a Cause" They were calling all charities who wanted to raise funds for their nonprofit organizations to participate. So I applied and when word came that CHOOSE TO CARE was accepted, we were full of gratitude. It is an opportunity to gain some much needed funds so that we can continue to give a brand new pair of shoes for those children and young adult in need.

CHOOSE TO CARE will sell tickets to the Macy's Shop For A Cause event which will take place on August 27, 2011. The tickets will sell for $5 and the ticket buyers will receive special discounts at all Macy's and on macy' on August 27,2011. The good news is that the organization keeps 100% of the proceeds. We will keep you posted on how to purchase tickets.

The Active Compassion Transforms(ACT) organization is at it again! They are getting ready to bring mentees who are currently in Grade 12 to New York, from July 5 to July 16, 2011. Erica Lee, the founder of this awesome mentoring organization has done a phenomenal job with the youth from the School of Hope, Cape Town, South Africa.They also need our help to accommodate 5 students and a teacher while they are in NY. The CHOOSE TO CARE organization will make it their business to purchase comfortable walking shoes that will take them around the city with ease. You can visit for more details.

We had a winner! Sandra Williams from Public Health Solutions was the winner of Heidi Lange Screen Print-Swahili Girl. My gratitude to all who have and continue to help our organization and others in need. Those two little big words, "thank you" are sent your way.

"People are always blaming their circumstances
for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in this world are the people
who get up and look for the circumstances they want
and if they can't find them, make them."
George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"No one can make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little"
Edmund Burke

When I announced at our last get together in February that our next outing would be in Brooklyn, there were moans and groans. I was was sure that the sun would linger much longer in May and I was betting too that it would be a warm night with a brightly lit sky. So feeling confident, I put the plan in motion. "Get your bearings together and let's go!" was my message.

With a hop and a skip we found our way to the SEA THAI restaurant. This was the choice of one of our women's club member, a Brooklyn resident and it came highly recommended. It is a very large and wide-open place,decked out with comfortable wooden tables and chairs. We made our choices from the expansive menu and then we played catch-up. Shuffling from seat to seat we greeted our fellow diners, stopped long enough for conversations, laughed, and made ourselves comfortable, while planning our next escapade. We shared our dishes, taking a little from each person, just enough to whet our appetite. Looking around our space, you got the feeling that everyone really wanted to be here.

As is our custom, our conversation turned to those who are less fortunate than us and a beautiful batik art work from Kenya, of a swahili girl fetched a dollar a chance, helping us in our endeavor to give to those in need worldwide. The CHOOSE TO CARE organization continues to fulfill it's mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the underprivileged youth, here at home and abroad. We recently linked with the Book Bank Foundation that celebrated the women at a women's shelter in the Bronx on mother's day. CHOOSE TO CARE did our small part by providing shoes for their children. We are preparing to purchase shoes for orphan girls in Mudzini Kwetu, Kenya, through the Boston based One Home Many Hopes organization. We continue to prove that even with small means we can do wonders.

After a sumptuous meal we spilled out into the street, that was now packed with people of all ages and from all walks of life,who were waiting to enter the restaurant. We left knowing that this was definitely a repeater and confirmed it when someone went back to the restaurant to retrieve a card with the restaurant's name to share with others. The price was right, the food great tasting and the waitstaff was pleasant. What else could we ask for? And yes the weather was what we had wished for. We hope you will join us on our next outing, the sun should be out in full blast and the days will be longer, a surefire way to awaken our spirits and warm our souls.

Peace and Love!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Choose To Care is now offering a special raffle and the funds gained will go toward purchasing a brand new pair of shoes for children and young adults in need. We will raffle off a Heidi Lange Screen Print---Swahili Girl. Raffle tickets are $1.00 per entry and the winner will be chosen on May 27, 2011.
Thanks for your support.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Simone E-mailed, wanting to shadow me. She had pinpointed a specific day that was already filled with activities of my own, from sunup to sundown."I do not have the time." I replied. Simone persisted and then sent me three options, adding that she was staying near my place of work; with a plan laid out like this, how could I resist?

Simone and fellow students came to New York in February 2011 for a visit which lasted for ten wonderful days through the kindness and hard work of Erica Lee, the founder of Active Compassion Transforms(ACT), a non-profit organization which uses technology to establish mentoring relationships between South African youths and New York City professionals. This trip helped to broaden their horizons and gave them a different perspective on life. Simone was chosen to remain for two more months to spread the word about the School of Hope, Cape Town, South Africa, where the students attend school. She has spent time in various educational facilities here in New York and a few other States. I have dubbed her the Ambassador, whose role is to sell the wonders of the School of Hope and the ACT organization to others.

On our train ride we talked about her amazing experiences. At the Ridgewood Women, Infant,Children center(WIC), a program that provides nutrition education and nutritious food for low income families; the staff greeted us with open arms. In the previous year, they had also welcomed two students from the School of Hope. Right away Simone was drawn to the toddlers who had accompanied their moms for service. She gave tender loving care to them while their moms were engaged with the staff and when I gazed over at her I knew this was her calling, she was at ease and later she talked to us about her desire to teach young children, a career she plans to pursue.

When we departed we stopped at the neighborhood bakery, where the woman behind the counter gave Simone a mouth-watering pastry. I bought a loaf of bread and we went our merry way. As we shared the pastry and ate with gusto, I thought about the kind ways we had been received, everywhere we went good spirit was in the air.
We talked about everything at rapid speed, we knew the time was short. A ride back into the city was all the time we had to tell our stories. We both tried to get as many words in, eager to share the goodness of living well. Our steps were light as we bounced from train to train, skipping up those steep steps with alacrity. Our belly laughs were peppered with words of joy. The sun shone brightly, the streets were crowded and we were lost in our own merry-making. It was indeed a fun day, short and sweet.

You have what it takes to achieve beyond. I am sure you will flourish and be the change agent we talked about.Keep climbing my friend and remember:
"No act of kindness
No matter how small
is ever wasted."

AESOP--The Lion and The Mouse

Much Love!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Living In Balance Come Rain or Shine

The rain god was angry. Water poured down from the skies, the streets were flooded, about to be washed away,it seemed.Some pedestrians hopped to find a safe spot to land their feet, others walked through deep puddles. As we peered through the window, I jokingly said "this is a tsunami and we may have to swim through this one."

So where were we going? What was so important that we had to be out instead of heading home? It was the girls' night out, planned three (3) months ago and nothing was going to stop the women's club warriors. We were on our way to the Evangeline's Restaurant for authentic Philippine cuisine. The turnout was good! After hugs and kisses, we settled down to a menu of exotic sounding dishes written in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. The English version led us to pork, beef, chicken and seafood dishes bathed in their unique and delicious spices. Dishes from the grill hit the spot and you could hear the delight in the diners voices as they savored this special cuisine.

We binged on a communal plate of cassava cake and drank halo halo to wash it down. We screamed with delight when we noticed two waiters with a roasted pig hoisted on a tray for the diners next to us, celebrating an impending birth. The little piggy sat intact, in all its splendor, no fear at all shown on its face,roasted to perfection, waiting for the diners to get their teeth in its well-done meat. Some people just love their LECHON(roasted pork).

Kudos to Margo Vinson who received an award of appreciation from the Choose To Care Organization. Her assistance has been very valuable. The Choose To Care Organization continues to protect the feet of children and young adults in need by providing them with a brand new pair of shoes.

We ate, we talked and played catch-up and when we were ready to call it a night, we grabbed our doggie bags and take home orders, as we scattered into the street. By now the skies were clear and we stayed put for a while taking in the fresh air. My thoughts turned to the severe downpour a few hours earlier. We did not retreat, we did not allow the rain god to rain on our parade. This women's club is a group to reckon with indeed! So brave souls, see you next time,come rain or shine.

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet."
Emily Dickinson

Keep Living!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I wiped a tear away and looked around hoping that no one saw me. I did not want to give an explanation for the tears that welled up in my eyes. But there were others doing the same thing, after listening to the young men and women from South Africa's School of Hope speak about their young lives.

The Active Compassion Transforms(ACT) mentees class of 2010 along with their teacher were here on a two weeks excursion, made possible by the ACT organization. In spite of a life laden with trials and tribulations, this group of young adults were on a new journey. They told their stories of the past but did not linger on their hardship, instead they spoke with confidence about the path their lives have taken, fully aware of the possibilities that lay ahead.

We were gathered for the gala planned in their honor and as the band played, we mingled and ate the delicious meal, some prepared by the hands of these grateful young men and women. This evening was for them but they profusely thanked their mentors and all who contributed to their new-found happiness and well-being. The spirit of the room was kind, joyful,inviting and everyone seemed happy to be of service to those in need.

I am always in awe of Erica Lee, the founder of this wonderful organization. She had a vision and has worked hard to take it to this juncture. One of the speakers at the affair said that no one would believe the work it takes to put this all together. I know this is not a small feat, it's just that Erica wears hard work so well, no sweat is visible. She does not seek accolades; she only wants the best for these budding young men and women. She wants them to believe in themselves and to continue to have hope. Kudos to all the volunteers for the magnificent job they have done.

The Choose To Care Organization wanted to make sure their feet were taken care of; our shopping spree was full of glee and not soon forgotten. My dear young men and women, walk safely and with pride even when the shoes are scuffed and the heels are worn down. Let nothing hinder your progress.
"When we have shoes
we all have shoes,
when we have no shoes
we have no shoes together."

The above contributed to Anthony Mulango of the Mudzini Kwetu home for abandon girls in Kenya, East Africa. I have translated that to mean that we are indeed our brothers and sisters keepers. Visit ACT

Peace & Love!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Work Is Not Yet Done

For those of you who have followed CHOOSE TO CARE blogs, you would have known that we turned three(3) years old in September 2010. Since its inception we have bought shoes for hundreds of children and young adults in need; some were wearing ill-fitted shoes, others may not have owned a decent pair of shoes. We have remained steadfast in our mission to provide shoes for children and young adults through established charities that are giving various services to the youth in need and also to any child who may be referred by a caring individual. Our ministry does not take us to only foreign lands but to places right here in the USA.

These are some of the Agencies with which we have linked to prepare the youth for a meaningful journey.

(1) Aje Foundation/Miami based servicing Haiti,
(2) Fiver Children's Foundation/NYC,
(3) One Home Many Hopes/Boston based servicing Kenya,
(4) Children International/USA based servicing kids in Zambia,
(5) Child Fund International/USA based servicing kids in Sri Lanka & Liberia/
(6) Vineyard International Christian Ministry/Bronx,
(7) Anchovy Primary School/NYC based, servicing Jamaica, WI
(8) Shoes4Shoeless/Dayton,Ohio,
(9) Active Compassion Transforms(ACT)/NYC based,servicing kids in S.Africa,
(10)Solidarite Chambellanaise/Brooklyn based,servicing kids in Haiti
(11)Songeni Village Football Team/South Africa

The need is great, our work has just began.
"Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world."
The Torah