Thursday, September 21, 2017


                                 She flashes her freshly straightened hair
                                 Twists it in a coil, drops it again
                                 An action that continues,as if a nervous tic has set in
                                 That is the case I suspect but even bigger than that
                                  is the ego, otherwise known as
                                  ATTENTION GRABBER
                                  That has taken over

                                   Her action screams "look at me"
                                   Her eyes are dashing and a slight smile
                                   Appears on her hardened face
                                   Like a bull she is ready to charge
                                   She is sitting on a high horse
                                    She is climbing Mt. Everest
                                    She becomes that peacock, with wide-spread wings

                                     Where are the little people she shouted in anger
                                     Don't they know who I am?
                                     Why aren't they screaming out my achievements?
                                     I will show them a thing or two
                                     Her face gets harder, that wicked smile gets wider
                                     Spelling  revenge
                                     She pinned another badge of her high standing
                                     On her heavy laden lapel
                                     Let me see them top that!

                                       There is nothing else for me to do, she declared
                                        I know it all, I have done it all
                                        She closed her eyes and beat on her chest
                                        Satisfied with her grading of self