Sunday, April 15, 2018


So our intention for our April's7th meet-up was to "Go Further With Food"  capitalizing on the Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month 2018, theme.  At Choose To Care, the organization that provides a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need, we are in the mood to celebrate the skin and the stems of fruits and vegetables, usually referred to as SCRAPS. We wanted to showcase that by using these parts of food that are discarded, such as beet stems, broccoli florets and others, we can make edible, delicious dishes and even a tasty dressing. A Member of our Nutritionist And Friends In Action(NAFIA) presented the idea of using the skin of the pineapple to make a salad dressing. And she went to work!

As we gathered, we greeted the community and asked the children and their family to join us in moving to the beat; besides making our limbs nimble, the laughter that comes with our less than perfect steps always bring laughter from deep down that oftentimes bring joy of tears and excitement  so vital to the soul.

We are also serious about saving the planet and do our best to make a difference in our communities. We have invited the children and their families to join us in this effort. This time we made tags and invited them to choose one, which they will try to carry out.
Sayings such as:

  • I will not keep the pipe running while brushing my teeth-do not want to waste water
  • I will make less copies - less trees will be cut down
  • I will carry a cloth bag for my grocery - less plastic will find its way in the soil
  • I will use a smaller plate for meals - to avoid food waste
  • Stop sucking through the straw - the plastic makes it way to the ocean and kill sea life.
  • I want to keep my neighborhood clean - find a bin for my thrash
  • I will talk about saving the earth to 1-2 persons
  • I will ask 1-2 persons to spread the words to others about saving the earth

With earth day around the corner, our hope is that we will join the fight and do our part, nothing is ever too small.  Go to to check out the deeds performed around the nation that add up to win-win situations.

We sat down to a delicious bowl of salad with dressing made from the lowly pineapple skins, combined with pieces of apples, peaches and covered with water for a three week period. A tasty boost to the greens and chickpeas, that made us crave another bowl before the event's ending.
Here's my ode to the skin of the pineapple, rescued and revived, of course the dual message is to extend kindness and a helping hand to those in need.

                                        Sweet Tasting Flesh
                                        Juice running down
                                        The sides of their mouth
                                        They took what they wanted
                                        And your skin?  for the garbage,they exclaimed!
                                        But you were RESCUED 
                                        From that dark pit, where you were placed to rot

                                        Someone had an idea
                                       You can still be of use
                                        It took a little work, here and there
                                        Patience, Caring, Watching over you
                                        Was the process
                                        And look at you now, REVIVED
                                        Your story has been told
                                        You are given another chance to be whole again