Friday, October 15, 2010


For the past month or so I have been served up a plate full of negative encounters. Usually I have the resources to deal with the struggles of life. I mutter sayings such as "water off my back," "this too will pass," "Que sera sera" and I go my merry way, letting the chips fall where they may. But of late these ruse are coming so fast that I am working so much harder to find inner peace and inner strength.

While I was pondering these events in my life I came upon this book titled: CHANGING SHOES by Tina Sloan. I am fascinated by any reference to shoes and the settings in which it is used knowing there is always a deeper meaning. This is right up my alley and in keeping with the mission of CHOOSE TO CARE a non-profit organization, formed to provide a brand new pair of shoes for children and young adults in need, so that they may journey to a more meaningful life.

The author of CHANGING SHOES talks about the importance of wearing the right shoes for the right moment and what each pair of her shoes did for her in different situations that occurred in her life. It made for excellent and easy reading and gave me a nudge to face the albatross around my neck once and for all. What shoes should I wear while going on this venture? I brought out these well-worn pair of pumps, the one that conforms to the feet and fit so well that it painlessly takes you where you want to go. This pair of pumps says, with happy feet you will feel on top of the world and have no fear going there. Sure enough it took that albatross right off my neck.

But the story I really want to share is the story of Anthony Mulongo, Founder and Director of Mudzini Kwetu, a home for the parent less girls. He had traveled to a few cities in America{NY,Boston,Washington D.C.} from the coastal area of Kenya to tell his story of rescuing young orphaned girls from the dangerous streets of Mtwapa, Kenya. He is greatly supported by Thomas Keown, founder of One Home Many Hopes, a Boston-based nonprofit organization. To join their efforts or to learn more, go to

A rainy day calls for the right and sensible shoes but I carried along my stylish pump, the one that says, this is important business and you need to get on board. I was on my way with my co-worker to meet this man who gave up his budding career to take on this precious mission.

I did not need to change from my lowly rain boots, they were right for the setting. We were in the company of a vibrant group of people all revved up to give a helping hand. The founder, Anthony Mulongo, a humble young man was pumped with questions after questions. Some of the attendees were curious, others fact finders and a few gave suggestions on how to garner more donors. At the end of the night, this Rescuer gave sound reasons why we should help to build a school in his Kenyan community.

On the screen of the video that tells the stories of the young girls, were shoes of all sorts belonging to the girls I assume. This was a nice touch. Each pair represented a deeper meaning for the girl who owns it and for the persons who made it possible for her to own a pair of shoes and so much more. One of my newest and favorite quote comes from the founder Mudzini Kwetu. It goes:
"If we don't have shoes
no one has shoes.
If we have shoes
we all have shoes together."
He is certainly wearing the right pair of shoes and making a difference in the lives of these parent less girls.

I don't expect a pair of shoes to wipe away my troubles but I have translated my experience into a new attitude, laying my burden down and making sure I am wearing the right pair of shoes. So from October 18 to November 20 and beyond we can put our best foot forward and help ONE HOME MANY HOPES{OHMH} to reach their goal to build a school for 700 boys and girls in the Kenyan community of Mtwapa.
Keep choosing the right pair of shoes!
All is well.