Monday, May 25, 2015


                                       Bindya was happy as a lark
                                       High spirited with  a smile
                                       That shone as bright as the
                                       Sunshine bursting from the skies.

                                       Her steps were quick
                                      But she paused long enough
                                      To throw a coin,
                                      In the pool of water in her path
                                      This is her make believe wishing well.

                                       "What a lovely day"
                                        She called out in a cheerful, melodious voice.
                                         Caring not, who stared at her quirky behavior.
                                         She rocked to the beat of the music
                                          Blaring in her ears,
                                         The deafening sound was no bother.

                                        She beckoned and nodded
                                        To those who looked her way
                                        "Join me she shouted"
                                         "Recharge your spirits"
                                         As she cantered along.
                                         There, joining her was a line of
                                          Believers, Hopefuls, Crusaders,Joyful Souls.

                                          She looked back and her face lit up
                                          "That's the power of a smile"
                                           As she skipped and bounced,
                                           Leading the way,in a cheerful voice
                                           She and her followers sang
                                           To their hearts content
                                           "Oh wonderful and glorious world
                                             I will always embrace you."
                                                                  {From the "Jump for Joy" series}

Questions To Ponder

  1. What do you think Bindya was wishing for in her make believe wishing well?
  2. Those who joined her are labeled, what is the significance?
  3. What would have happened if the author had Bindya hurrying instead of cantering?
  4. How would you sum up Bindya's attitude?  What was her lure?

Saturday, May 16, 2015


                                   Put it down! Don't touch that!
                                   Did I give you permission?
                                   Not until I say so!
                                   Don't even try it
                                   It is not your call
                                   I don't trust your decision, this
                                   Is my handiwork and mine alone.

                                  They stared in silence
                                  Some bowed in agreement
                                  Others, brave souls, huffing and pouting
                                  Didn't want to take this any longer
                                  They muttered under their breath
                                  But with a frown on her face
                                  And a sweep of the hand
                                  She shoved them back,
                                  Those who dared to get in her way,
                                   Stay back, she said
                                  This limelight is not to be shared
                                  Mine are the last words, only my opinion counts.

                                  Her head is swollen, this is unbelievable
                                  Her chest is puffed, "Don't let me burst now"
                                  Where is my crown? Ah!
                                  Tailor-made, just for my head
                                  But a row of diamonds, is exactly what I would like
                                  Here, take it back, add it on and make it perfect!

                                  Hold me before I faint,
                                  I just know they are gonna call my name
                                  And the award goes to ......
                                  My hands are limped, a bad timing
                                  To suck the life out of these limbs
                                  My feet seemed pasted on the ground
                                  I have to get to the stage,
                                  I hear them calling my name
                                  Coming she answered in a weakened voice.

                                   Here good for nothing!  Make yourself handy
                                   Hold me by the hand, hoist me on your shoulders
                                   And take me to that stage for the world to see
                                   I want to tell them about my greatness,
                                   Shoo! out of the way now,
                                   Lest they mistake you for part of this marvel
                                   I will take over now! feet, be steady and firm,
                                   I am mightier than thou.

                                  And she "woke up" to those who gathered around
                                  To cheer on the deserving souls,
                                  Who toiled through breaking tasks and bore
                                   Insults after insults, commands after commands.
                                  "Start again,"  "Unacceptable," she shouted
                                   But her words went unheard
                                   Today, those on whose shoulders she stood
                                   Were given the AWARD OF HUMILITY.

                                    Angry and forlorn, she worked herself in a tizzy
                                    Amidst the sizzling sound of
                                     A deflated ego, you could hear,
                                    I WANT YOU GONE,BANISHED
                                    AND OUT OF MY WAY!
                                    Still making sure she has the last words
                                    Only this time, they fell on deaf ears.


                                                             Questions To Ponder

Introduction: The title "Last Words" has a  double meaning, her words that she claims only matters(commands,insults) and those that she uttered in defeat, which carried no weight,(fell on deaf ears).

  1. What is your reaction to such demands, as that of the Egoist portrayed?
  2. What was the challenge of the brave souls?  How did they gather steam?
  3. Those who served, still met with "this is substandard" Discuss your feelings about the line between passive and proactive behaviors?
  4. So the Egoist feigned the need for assistance, "hold me before I faint, I just know they are gonna call my name .."  But she continued to hurl insults "shoo, out of the way now .." Your thoughts?
  5. They were pushed aside, practically hidden.  What do you think was the driving force that brought their plight to light?
  6. Think of a time you were faced with a similar situation, what did you learn and do to change the effect such rampant insults had on you?
  7. The soliloquy of awaiting an award - What do you make of this?
  8. And she "woke up" - Was this from a dream? or an unrealistic egotistical journey?
          "My hands are limped ........." Why do you think the Author added this scenario?
          "Fell on deaf ears" - Did the Brave Souls and Bowing members get together?