Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Work Is Not Yet Done

For those of you who have followed CHOOSE TO CARE blogs, you would have known that we turned three(3) years old in September 2010. Since its inception we have bought shoes for hundreds of children and young adults in need; some were wearing ill-fitted shoes, others may not have owned a decent pair of shoes. We have remained steadfast in our mission to provide shoes for children and young adults through established charities that are giving various services to the youth in need and also to any child who may be referred by a caring individual. Our ministry does not take us to only foreign lands but to places right here in the USA.

These are some of the Agencies with which we have linked to prepare the youth for a meaningful journey.

(1) Aje Foundation/Miami based servicing Haiti,
(2) Fiver Children's Foundation/NYC,
(3) One Home Many Hopes/Boston based servicing Kenya,
(4) Children International/USA based servicing kids in Zambia,
(5) Child Fund International/USA based servicing kids in Sri Lanka & Liberia/
(6) Vineyard International Christian Ministry/Bronx,
(7) Anchovy Primary School/NYC based, servicing Jamaica, WI
(8) Shoes4Shoeless/Dayton,Ohio,
(9) Active Compassion Transforms(ACT)/NYC based,servicing kids in S.Africa,
(10)Solidarite Chambellanaise/Brooklyn based,servicing kids in Haiti
(11)Songeni Village Football Team/South Africa

The need is great, our work has just began.
"Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world."
The Torah