Saturday, August 29, 2009


"Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world"
The Torah

The calls were coming in, just checking they said, to see if it is still on!!?? What is a little rain I thought, maybe a Tsunami would stop me in my tracks. So yes, it was still on. We were about to log a few miles walking but we knew that once we reached our destination, we had enough time to take a load off our feet.

So where are we headed? To the South Street Seaport. This is the place where streetside stands and familiar mall stores line the pathway. Tonight the streets were less dense with people, maybe many had taken shelter from the rain, that had left a dampness in the air. Where are you sun? On the way we passed an intense basketball game, heard loud music that seemed to pierce the skies and we couldn't help swaying to the familiar sounds. As we continued on our way we saw couples walking to their own beat as if unaware of the rain and the noise around them, only absorbed in each other. The eating spots sent out fiery scents but we were on our way to Pier 17 to the Cabana Restaurant and our minds were on the great tasting food that awaits us. From perfumes to ice cream and sparkling costume jewelry there is certainly something in this place for everyone.

The early birds decided to look down from the balcony, waving with excitement each time we noticed one of our die-hard supporter in the crowd. Our hand waves and smiling faces said "come on up, we are waiting for you, glad you could come." After all the members of the women club we were expecting arrived, we took our seats. The joint was jumping, we moved to the rhythm in our chairs, meet and greet each other again, shoot the breeze and then attacked the menu with a voracious appetite.

Most of us knew what we wanted, others studied the offerings a little longer, wanting to make the right choice. Over my corner where I broke bread, there was constant praise for the great tasting food and all around our tables, the expressions seemed to say "simply delicious" Oh, the joy of eating well. When the chomping gave way to laughter and talking and the last of the dishes were cleared we took the time to talk about what the CHOOSE TO CARE Organization had been up to. A portfolio of photos of the children and thank you notes were living proof of the programs we have supported and a reminder of the difference we are making. We will always be grateful for your contribution to the well-being of their young lives. Congratulations to the winner of the treasured silver shoe, this is a reminder of your commitment to our pledge to provide underprivileged children and young adults with a brand new pair of shoes.

The women's club members did it again, August 28,2009 will be a night to be remembered. We experienced relaxation, enjoyed belly laughs, made connections, bared our souls and when we bade farewell, there was an upbeat mood.

The outing had not yet ended and many were asking about the next event. Someone in the crowd jokingly said that these events seem to bring out the rain. So true my friends but these are showers of blessings. Stay tune for the next magical event. Hope to see you there, RAIN OR SHINE!

Much Love!

Friday, August 28, 2009


A shout out to JAMBA JUICE: Where a concoction of fruits, soy milk and other powerful ingredients produce great tasting beverages, good to the last drop. August 27, 2009 was the day given to us by the JAMBA JUICE outfit, that do their part to support others who are involved in improving communities, providing for children in need and much more. On this day, I gathered a few willing assistants to help me distribute fliers to passersby, you know, the man in the street, enticing them to go into the store and buy JAMBA goodies, which allowed us to receive 20% of their purchase for the CHOOSE TO CARE organization.

Thanks to: Margo who packaged and distributed the fliers and worked her shifts.
Ms. Judy, who gave the fliers to her people as she calls them.
Jared, who traveled into Manhattan to give a few hours of his precious time.
Jeff, who sells his wares on the corner, across from the bold emblem that says, JAMBA JUICE but he never tasted it's offerings until this day and liked it so much that he helped to spread the word to his customers and also had a second helping.

This was some experience. The reaction of mortals varied so much but soon I got the drift of who would stop, who would brush you off and those who would linger. We met a young woman who had just recently done the same drill at this store located at West Broadway for her organization. So we chit-chatted for a while, exchanged calling cards and I am sure our paths will cross again.

So, let me invite you to stop in and while you are there look around for some other eye-catching menu items. My recommendation, the California Flatbread which bares names such as, Four Cheesy, Smokehouse Chicken, etc. It really does the stomach good. To Mr. Robert Carter, General Manager and his crew, we certainly appreciate your kind gesture and wish you heavy traffic in your store. Thanks to those who have joined the cause, you have been awesome It was a wonderful and fruitful day(pun intended) Go see for yourself!