Monday, July 2, 2018

MEET MERIANNY - A Member Of The Nutritionists And Friends In Action(NAFIA)

With those nimble fingers, she has got us covered.  For a CHOOSE TO CARE (CTC) fundraising event she created an invitation that helped us to get the ball rolling.  Time after time, her contributions to our local shoe distribution events have helped to enhance our work toward improving the lives of the youth and the families we serve.  Whether it is imparting simple messages of good health, she makes them truly believe that they can do it  or putting that special touch on decorations for our events; the help she gives and the joy she spreads are gifts we hold dearly.

When we have the honor of your presence at a CTC event, you will leave with a package:

  • full of energy that she emits
  • the rosy outlook that she paints
  • a downright display of good nature 
Merianny says:

I use my artistic skills to express and share.  To express my thoughts and feelings and to share my knowledge.  I believe in making learning a fun and interesting experience, as a visual and hands on learner part of my goal is that at least one person leaves with the message and shares it with someone else.  That is my goal, to try and make a difference little by little, one beautiful mind at a time.

As to why I love being part of CHOOSE TO CARE is because to me, one person can start a change but a group can make a bigger difference.  I believe being part of CHOOSE TO CARE is a privilege that allows me to give back to the community.  Also it is a feeling that has no words to be described, other than the joy of seeing a smile on a child's face.

Thanks for your heartwarming words!

"Help me to help them
was the cry. And you
all came running, banding
together for a kinder world."

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