Saturday, July 7, 2018


Her calming presence and seemingly unruffled demeanor shouts, "I understand and I am willing."
This member of the NAFIA group has not shied away from her pledge to serve our communities. When we shop for shoes for our shoe distribution events, it means staying back to pick out the sizes and styles and toting them back to storage, to wait for that special day.  You never have to ask her twice and often times she volunteers her service, making the task so much easier; as is said "many hands, make the work lighter."

She welcomes and keeps the youth and their families together, so that there will be order in the "house" as we prepare to get the show on the road.  Aisha ensures that those who join us at our shoe distribution events, leave with a package containing possibilities that they too can conquer. In her glorious package the following awaits you:

  • joyful moments
  • harmony
  • patience

Aisha says, helping is important because it can have a positive impact on others, sometimes a little help can result in a big change for someone.  I think we get the opportunity to help others every day, we just have to look around us and we will see the need.  Helping others produce a feeling of satisfaction, not only for me, but also for the person being helped.

I assist CHOOSE TO CARE because it's an opportunity to help others and also help me to grow as a person, reminding me that we should always do something for others.  I want the world to be a different place, a better place for this and future generations.  Helping CHOOSE TO CARE may not change the world, but we decided to take a chance on even one person at a time, who we hope will influence another and soon it will seep through the whole community and keep trending unto the rest of the world.

Thanks Aisha, dreams do come true.

"If only I had a magic wand
To fix the perils we face.
But all I have is the belief
That better will come."

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