Wednesday, July 11, 2018


CHOOSE TO CARE wants to showcase the things we have been up to, share our connections with the community, our celebrations and more.  And Daniel has volunteered his service to keep CHOOSE TO CARE up to speed by putting together amazing videos that tell our stories.  Any plea for help has always been answered and this vast contribution carries a lot of weight and is a welcome support toward our mission.

Mr. Electronic Wiz delivers a package packed with:

  • Willingness
  • Confidence
  • Pride in his work
  • Straightforward talk
The above attributes and his creative work have won him an honorable membership with our NAFIA Team.

Daniel says that as an honorary member of NAFIA team, he is honored to be of help to the CHOOSE TO CARE organization because he has been blessed in a million different ways; "I feel it's important to give back when and wherever possible. CHOOSE TO CARE provides loving and caring help to many people locally and globally. It is great to be able to do anything that can help achieve their goals.  With help from donors, the work CHOOSE TO CARE does can continue."

 We are who we say we are, lowly creatures,  striving to do the best that can be done but we could not do it without your help.    We hope for an enduring partnership, Daniel, CHOOSE TO CARE and NAFIA Team.

"In a gentle way you can shake the earth."
Mahatma Gandhi 


nizanaza said...

Danny is always available and willing to help anytime. Events will not be as successful without his assistance. He is always a phone call away ready to help with all the videos and picture collages and anything social media. Thank you Danny!!!

Evelyn said...

Great work Danny