Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today, I am traveling the world without leaving town.  It is letter writing time to my six sponsored children who reside on different continents in this wonderful world of ours.  Each letter received has a request to come see them.  I have been fortunate to visit a few of the children in the places they call home and what delightful journeys.  And as a child outgrows the sponsorship program and I gain a new child, the invitations begin again.

I am determined to make as many trips as I can and to keep encouraging these wonderful children to stay in school.  This I know for sure is their hope out of poverty.  And as the world turns, there is a good chance that today's learners could become tomorrow's leaders.  For now I will continue to write and help them strive toward a productive future and certainly when the chance appears, I will RSVP to their invitation to visit, knowing all things are possible.


This year my prayers were answered when I received the invitation to sell discounted coupons in Macy's flagship store on 34th Street.  Choose To Care  has participated for the past three years by selling these coupons to friends and families. This year the kind folks at Macy's must have read my mind and I did not hesitate when the invitation arrived, I sent my RSVP with lightning speed.

The offer consisted of  working for a few hours for two days in-store.  On Friday before the event I worked for two hours, and I discovered this was not an easy task;there were rejections after rejections. Some shoppers had already purchased a coupon because there were other organizations with the same pitch. "Buy a discounted coupon for a good cause," we all said.  I managed to convince thirteen giving souls and I was a happy camper.

On Saturday,the day of the event, I worked far more hours, six hours and received more rejections, sometimes with a smile as the shoppers politely showed me their coupons.  They had done their kindness some where else.  Some shoppers promised to return and a few did others pretended they did not hear my appeal and kept walking with quickened gait. I had fun studying their reactions to my requests and kept feeling so lucky for the opportunity this exposure gave me, to talk about CHOOSE TO CARE to total strangers.  Today I fared much better and ended the day with heartfelt gratitude for all I had received.


I was invited to mix and mingle with the teachers from the Bronx.  This  came from the organization:
Teachers Ask, Donors Choose.  This online charity allows you to fund projects for the teachers classroom,making a difference in the lives of their students. It was an enchanting evening, rooms occupied with passionate staff who wanted  to give me a tour of their interesting workplace.  These friendly and enthusiastic staff had only great things to say about their place of employment and the work they and the CEO and founder of this outstanding non-profit,are engaged in.

The teachers were excited, there was chatter everywhere and then the founder began to speak.  He announced that there were four teachers and he named them, whose classroom projects would be fully funded.  There was clapping and widened smiles.  Then he retracted the offer, saying he had made a mistake and he apologize profusely.  There was a look of diappointment on the faces of everyone.  "How could he have made such an error?"  My thoughts were quickly put to rest as he announced with a boyish grin that all the projects in the Bronx Schools were funded.  The generous donor came to the front and described how much in awe she was of the work the teachers do each and every day.  So this fascinating organization had scored big again, only a few days ago Bill and Melinda Gates had offered to help teachers and students get the things they needed.  They would pay for half the cost of each project. Choose To Care did their part to help Ms Wehrman's  Tip Tap Toe project in New York City, New York.  The students now have 23 pairs of tap shoes to enhance their dance moves.

I am glad that I have accepted each precious invitation.  They have provided me with a sense of peace and purpose and a profound sense of responsibility.  They have allowed me an expanded worldview, whether the invitation was to travel to my sponsored children distant land or to mingle and mix with the teachers from the Bronx or Macy's generous offer to outreach to shoppers in their store, I have benefited tremendously.


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