Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The staff at the Neighborhood WIC Program has made the Kid's Eat Right  Campaign a mainstay of the various activities we bring to the WIC participants and their families.  At our 9 WIC Centers, the Ambassador for the Kid's Eat Right Project are charged with ensuring that the Monday Morning messages are shared with participants and colleagues alike.

When you enter any of our WIC Centers you will see health and nutrition messages proudly displayed as "Brought to you by Kid's Eat Right"  The Ambassadors enlighten their colleagues with an article chosen from the Kid's Eat Right collection on a monthly basis and the discussion that usually ensues has become fuel for our goal to make all of our WIC Centers kid-friendly and healthy.

We are all revved up for the first Kid's Eat Right celebration.  At one of the Center, the staff plans to give a history of Kid's Eat Right and will focus on the importance of breakfast, using the "Make time for Breakfast" article.  A smoothie will be served using one of the delicious recipe garnered from the website.  The event will continue with an exercise activity in the form of a game called: Red light,Green Light"

Not to be outdone, another WIC Center will focus on three key principles:

  • Shopping for healthy foods
  • Cooking nutritious meals and snacks
  • Eating together as a family
They will also have a variety of exercise activities to get the participants moving.

The staff is encouraged to submit their Kid's Eat Right activities for the month of August along with testimonials as requested.  This is our chance to showcase our commitment to get our young WIC participants excited into eating meals that are tasty and healthful.

The winning recipes, the many imaginative ideas, that just keep coming from this wonderful initiative have kept us hungry and challenge us to get the kids and their families on the right track.

Getting with the Program - A winning situation for the kids!

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