Thursday, December 7, 2017


                                      For goodness sake
                                      What saddened face you make
                                       Let's meet your soul
                                       It is tapping away
                                       Listen, it says, fetch me
                                       Lest I get stifled
                                       Will you heed its plea?

                                       You have kept it in hiding
                                        Your soul is yearning
                                        Go deeper, let me show you where
                                         Be quiet, I hear a faint voice
                                         Now did you hear it?
                                         It is stronger! I am coming, it is saying
                                         Trapped so long, I am slowly making my way

                                          Surrender, your soul has been released
                                          And dullness turned to brightness
                                          Jubilant, Jovial, Joyful
                                          The tide has turned
                                          A true believer has been conquered

BRAWTA(from the bitter-sweet series)


  • It is as if a "fairy godmother" appeared, recognized the sadness and gave a helping hand.Can you tell of a moment when someone did the same for you?
  • There is reference to the soul as being buried - Explain
  • What lines indicate that it was not an easy passage to find the soul?
  • The command to surrender is the Poet's way of asking to remove the fear - when have you let fear hinder you?
  • Make Me A Believer is the title - Interpret

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