Saturday, December 2, 2017


                                                 They summoned her
                                                 And the butterflies came too
                                                 Shaken, she nervously entered the unknown
                                                 Poised but trembling
                                                 She faced her judges
                                                 Still unsure of the reason
                                                 For this masquerade

                                                "Where is this leading?" she wondered
                                                As she rode out the small talks with fear
                                                And out of nowhere they dropped
                                                The the dreaded words
                                                "You are not needed anymore"

                                                Taken off guard she stuttered a little
                                                 But quickly recovered
                                                 "Is this it?" she muttered in dismay
                                                 As she looked on stunned
                                                 Lips were moving, words were spoken
                                                 But she knew not what was said

                                                  "Am I deserving of this?"
                                                  "Am I deserving of this?" she repeated
                                                   No one replied, they only stared in silence
                                                   And she moved away in disbelief
                                                   SURRENDERED      REMOVED    VOIDED
                                                                       And soon after
                                                   RECOVERED           RELIEVED  

(Brawta: From the Bitter&Sweet series)

Questions To Ponder
  • The butterflies came - what is the Poet referring to?
  • The word RECOVERED was used twice - what is the significance each time?
  • "Lips were moving, words were spoken"  - Imagine what these words were?
  • The poem ended with words describing: A sad finale and a joyful rebirth - use other words that would give the same effect
  • Throughout the Poet presented a moving story of someone going through troubling times -think about a time when you were faced with a similar circumstance and how did you ride out the storm?
  • Your interpretation of the title's message "Flipping The Storm"

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