Monday, December 18, 2017


There was snow on the ground and chill in the air, but neither the Nutritionists And Friends In Action {NAFIA} members nor the children and their parents yielded to the less than favorable conditions.  We all came out for Choose To Care's {CTC} holiday celebration.  The theme was "Have A Snacking Good Time"  Indeed they did and left joyful after participating in nutrition and exercise activities; enjoying more than one serving of fruits and yogurt mixture, served in a cone and of course their brand new pair of shoes.

As soon as the last kid exited we began planning for our upcoming event, a fundraising brunch.  As important as this is, I knew that it was equally important for us to take a pause and reflect on the work we have done together.  The progress we have achieved is remarkable, we realized the impact of our work and noticed the gratitude on the face of the family members whose children benefit from our goal to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the child in need.We are glad that our additional platforms also aim to improve their lives:

  • Leading the children and family to a healthier lifestyle
  • Ways to care for the environment they live in and the world at large

Thanks NAFIA team for your enduring support, your commitment and compassion; you have given us all HOPE.   
But we  have paused long enough.  Meet you at the next shindig on 1/13/18, the Van Diemens Restaurant.  Mission accomplished we say with pride.

"If only I had a magic wand to fix the perils we face
But all I have is the belief that better will come."

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Merlyn said...

Start the new year by bringing comfort and warm to someone's sole. The gift you give goes a long way. Together, we can make a difference.