Thursday, December 7, 2017


                                                COURAGEOUS  Jamie
                                                With calm spirit and warm heart
                                                 Triumphantly awakens at the break of dawn
                                                 To face another day
                                                  And no one knows the pain she bears

                                                 And as she makes her presence known
                                                 Her kind words melt your soul
                                                 With a smile that spreads wide
                                                 She lights up the skies
                                                 Grabbed by her invigorating mood
                                                 You are pulled to adjust your ways
                                                  So you too may see the goodness of the day

                                                  When darkness dares to seep in
                                                   She shines a light its way
                                                   As if to say "you can't linger here"
                                                   Her good deeds soar and catch you may
                                                   It's free for the world, you need not pay
                                                   HUMBLE Jamie filled with gratitude
                                                   Has figured it out
                                                   Spreading Joy has made her journey
                                                   A worthwhile ride

BRAWTA (from: The Jump For Joy Series)



  • It seems that the Poet intentionally inserted the line, "And no one knows the pain she bears" 
What does this tell you about Jamie?

  • What does darkness refer to?
  • Explain: "she shines a light its way"
  • Another word for journey as it is used here
  • What message(s) have you gathered from this poem?


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