Saturday, November 1, 2014


It was a bright and sunny day, there was excitement in the room where lots of folks had gathered for this special occasion;Lurline Ghetter was able to secure much needed funds for her non-profit organization which provides for the youth in crisis.  It was indeed a day for celebration.  Mendacity was in and about, hugging and greeting as many people as she could reach, as if she was a politician running for office, mingling for their votes. Gwendolyn's body meanwhile, was registering trouble on the horizon, the hair on her hands was raised and goose bumps began to form.  She knew Mendacity was up to no good and out of the corners of her eyes she saw her coming her way, she was on full display for all to see as she offered help.  She was always plotting and putting on a show for onlookers.  In an instant she had become the Jolly Citizen of the world and a few minutes later she could be Miss Doldrum. This has been her game and Gwendolyn had caught on to all her moves.

Gwendolyn reluctantly gave over the placemats and Mendacity had haphazardly placed them on the table.  it was not to Gwendolyn's likening but she left them as they were and under her breath she muttered,"even in this simple matter she cannot follow directions."  All throughout the celebration,Gwendolyn continued to think about what was unfolding.  Mendacity was happy as a lark, laughing uncontrollable, in stitches, even when there was not anything funny happening. Gwendolyn recognized that nervous laugh, the one that was the loudest, the one that lingered on; even when others just smiled, her grin seemed to have been pasted on.  A tell tale sign that that Mendacity was up to something and what could it be this time.

Everyone was enjoying the spread. The couscous mixed with dried tomatoes and spinach, hit the spot; the roasted squash soup was delicious to the last drop and Rosemary had made a beet salad to die for.  The bread pudding, her favorite dessert, was calling Gwendolyn's name but instead she reached for a cup of masala chai tea, the warmth she hoped would help to put her mind at ease. As she sipped she moved her body to a familiar jazz beat, the combination of music and tea kept her relaxed, if only for a moment.

Another chance encounter days later was met with a welcoming greeting, Mendacity and her half smile that seemed to say "I bet you don't know what is in store for you?" The day got creepier and there was black clouds surrounding Mendacity, at least that was what Gwendolyn saw.  She began to feel weighed down and her evil deeds from the past, just kept haunting Gwendolyn.  Then she received the news, Mendacity had once more notified authority that Gwendolyn had stolen her gold locket, given to her by her dear aunt Floss.  The deposition added an accomplice this time, Farrah Howard who along with Gwendolyn stole this locket from  right under her eyes when she was showing it around.  She had accused Gwendolyn some years ago of taking her diamond ring but this could not be proven and she resurrected AGAIN with false nonsensical accusations.  This is the third time and Gwendolyn was fed up.  She knew and always said that Mendacity was not yet done with her but she still could not figure out what she was after.

                                            Who is this person
                                            with her polluting ways?
                                            Tell me world,how much longer will this be?
                                            What gives an individual the right
                                            To keep chipping away at my soul?
                                             Isn't there anyone to stop her?
                                             Why does this evil continue to lurk?
                                             She worms her way into your life
                                             Gets in your skin and settles in.
                                             And no matter how many times
                                             you pull her out
                                             She crawls right back in.
                                             AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN
                                             It is as if this leech cannot be tamed.
                                             But this time, your weapon
                                             has become too dull
                                             And the soul you have axed
                                             has gathered lots of strength.
                                             You are on your own cyst
                                             There is nothing to feed on
                                              No sympathy, No caring
                                              You have sapped the supply dry.
                                              And now you must move on
                                              Never to cross this path AGAIN.



  1. Why is Gwendolyn so suspicious of mendacity's friendliness?
  2. Explain "Jolly Citizen of the World" & "Ms. Doldrum"
  3. The evil person is called cyst,explain.
  4. How significant is the title AGAIN & it's usage 3x together in the poem?
  5. The soliloquy seemed to give an ultimatum, what is the writer saying?
  6. What do you think is Mendacity's problem?


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