Sunday, November 30, 2014


2014 was a good year for us, we were able to help many more projects that were seeking shoes for the children they serve.

We provide shoes for the youth in need, whether it is for sports, for dancing or just having a decent pair of shoes so they can attend school.

We hope that this simple act of giving a pair of shoes to the child in need will trigger a sense of hope which will lead to greater confidence and their desire to strive to remain in school and make a difference in their lives and those around them by climbing out of poverty.  There are many children here at home and abroad who go without the basic needs, which includes not having a decent pair of shoes and this hinders them from participating in normal activities such as attending school, playing sports, etc.
                                                          OUR     SOLUTION
We are hoping that working through Organizations such as DONORS CHOOSE that fund Teachers" projects, we will make it easier for teachers to concentrate on developing children who will bring new ideas to the table.
We provide shoes for children so that they stay in school continue to remain involved in activities that will help them develop and reach their greatest potential yet.

In 2014 we had our biggest fundraiser event "Macy's Shop For A Cause".  This year we were allowed to bring our fundraising in-store for 2 days, allowing us to earn extra funds.  All of the money gained from selling the store's discount coupons to friends and families and to shoppers in store was used to fund our 2014 Projects.

This year we sponsored five (5) projects fro the Donors Choose organization and there were many letters from students and teachers filled with gratitude. Here is an example: "I am so grateful for your generous  donations that helped to achieve our goals in purchasing shoes for my dancers.  Some of my students have been dancing for years outside of public school,some have never taken a formal
class before and are developing their talents only within this class..." This came from Ms. Martine, the teacher.

This year we began to highlight those who have supported CHOOSE TO CARE and wanted to hear from them why they do?  Each and every contributor is important to us and we value their loving support.

We are seeking to grow and network with other Agencies providing for the youth in need and become more relevant in the lives of the children we wish to assist. We have been exploring ideas and looking for the best fit to sustain CHOOSE TO CARE so we have a greater impact.  Yet to come!
If you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them.

                                                                    WITH GRATITUDE!


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