Monday, November 17, 2014


                                                    Simone is in a dark place
                                                    Pushed to the side
                                                    On far too many occasions.
                                                    Ignored while plans are made
                                                    Then presented with
                                                     "This is what we are thinking."
                                                      But the deal has already been sealed
                                                      And Simone knows that her opinion
                                                      does not count.

                                                      Yesterday was a bleak and dreary day
                                                       She had HOPES that today
                                                       Would end in a better way.
                                                       There is time yet, as morning
                                                       Lingers into noon
                                                       But as the end draws soon
                                                       Simone knows she has lost this bet
                                                       Today somber mood and dark clouds
                                                        Have met.

                                                         Another tempestuous being has arrived
                                                         Simone quickly derived.
                                                         What a clueless way to live, she thought
                                                          Each and every resident that entered
                                                          That zone
                                                          Has not learned what the sensible
                                                          Has taught
                                                          That kindness, fairness,acceptance
                                                           Always set a better tone.

                                                            So even if you are broken
                                                            And every word you have spoken
                                                            Is shoved aside as if meaningless,
                                                            You must never surrender nor digress
                                                             From the path of steadfastness.
                                                             For down that road awaits you
                                                             All the goodness you are due.

                                     So Simone, Simone, even though you are feeling
                                     Someday, this senseless act will boldly say




  • The poem is called "Squeezed"  What comes to mind with such a title?
  • Simone is in a dark place, the verse begins.  Think about a time you were in a dark place and how did you escape?
  • What word indicates that Simone has not given up?
  • There is mention of the zone, to what is the author referring?
  • What goodness may await  anyone who travels down the  path of "steadfastness"?
  • There is a promise that Someday things will get better, is this too far-fetched, how long should Simone wait?
  • Put yourself in Simone shoes while she is waiting for this selfish act of squeezing to end, what else would you do?

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