Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Q     Tell a little about yourself and what you do for a living?

A     My name is Lille(pronounced "Lily").  I have been an active staff member for the last six years  with the Neighborhood WIC Program which is run by a nonprofit organization known as Public Health Solutions.  I hold a position as a Community Service Aide aka C.S.A. in one of it's center located in Astoria,Queens.  My main duties involve ensuring perspective participants access to the WIC benefit services and providing them with exemplary customer services. I would describe myself as a person who is upbeat. I try not to let little things in life get to me.  I am known for my positive attitude at work.  I am also looked to for information.  People know they can come to me with these problems and that I will listen and try to do what I can to solve them.  Anybody who has worked with me would tell you that I am a fun person to be around.  I also know when to be serious and when it is important to focus on what I am doing. I am hard working, well organized and a balanced person who enjoy
my work and my surroundings.

Q     How long have you been involved with CHOOSE TO CARE?  How did you become introduced to CHOOSE TO CARE?

A     I was inspired by a dedicated Choose To Care supporter since the fall of 2008 until present.  I became an instant active and dedicated member when my co-worker and I were shooting the breeze about what thanksgiving meant.  We connected in our belief that to make a difference in your community through charitable activities require dedication and diligence.  When I was given a brief synopsis of the mission, it sounded like a worthy cause and indeed it is.

Q     What made you get on board?

A     My wholehearted beliefs in the goal and purposes of the mission of this organization awakened my inner spirit and gave me the strength to spread the word.  I was very impressed when I visited the website by the various and diverse individual human experiences.  My dedication and and sincerity to help others less fortunate swayed my decision to be supportive for the worthwhile mission of Choose To Care.
                      "There is no exercise better for the heart
                        than reaching down and lifting people up."
                                                                John Holmes

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