Monday, September 29, 2014


Merlyn is a dedicated Choose To Care volunteer who continues to give her support year after year.
We are forever grateful!

Q.     Tell a little about yourself and what you do for a living?
A.      My name is Merlyn.  I am a Nutritionist at Ridgewood WIC Center.  I like to help others and provide them with services and support that they need in order to make healthier changes, one step at a time.  My greatest reward is when they return and tell me about the changes they have made.  I know that I have made a difference for many people.
Q.     How long have you been involved and how did you become introduced to CHOOSE TO CARE?
A.     Over the past three years, I have been involved with Choose To Care.  I was introduced to Choose To Care by Mrs. Paulette Sinclair-Weir.
Q.     What made you get on board?
A.     I decided to join Choose To Care because it is a way of giving back and making a difference in some one's life.  I hope it will help them to see that others care about them and their needs.  With my efforts, I hope that this will let them know that when life is rough, sometimes it can get better with support and comfort.  I come from a family that enjoys giving back to others.  My mother used to give her food away and she was satisfied that she prevented someone from going hungry.  I feel that other people should come on board and help a great cause.

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Lille said...

Keep up the marvelous goals that you set for yourself.One who is truly generous, gives from the goodness of the heart and never expect repayment or personal rewards. That one initial act of giving will last a life time in the receiver's heart. If the SHOE fits wear it with a blessing.