Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping For Civic Good---Out Running Miss Irene

Many had supported the Choose TO CARE ORGANIZATION by buying a $5.00 ticket for the anticipated Macy's Shop For A Cause event that occurred on 8/27/11. But the Mighty Miss Irene had other plans and the majority of shoppers stayed home, rightfully so, not wanting to feel her wrath. I decided to out run Miss fast moving Irene who was ripping through Virginia and heading our way; so I got an early start to the store. There I met others who had the same plan, armed with their coupons that gave us 25% off our purchase for an all-day shopping, which would be cut short because of the impending visitor, Miss Irene.

Macy's associates were selling tickets in-store but I proudly displayed my own for my own charity. At the cash register, the women were in a good mood, as they jokingly screamed "I am shopping for a cause" while winking, because this time no one would dare say we shopped too much. This time our love for shopping would genuinely help out a deserving charity and at the same time, someone will get a chance to be a winner of the $500.00 gift card that was part of the shopping lure. So although Miss Ferocious Irene rained on our parade, it was not a complete wash out, we managed to earn some needed funds so that we can continue our mission of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the youth in need.

I came home to a 'safe haven' and embodied nature from indoors. It is times like this that I am more mindful that we are small animals not the giants so many of us profess to be and can be easily struck down by the power of earth's natural forces. I continue to be humbled and filled with gratitude. "But couldn't you have picked another day Miss Irene?" We have next year to look forward to and I am begging you to ask your sister, the one with the name starting with a 'J' that if she intends to pay us a visit next year, to work around that great event,Macy's Shop For A Cause. Thanks to all the kind folks who donated to our cause.
Peace and Love!

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