Saturday, August 20, 2011


The CHOOSE TO CARE organization started out with a strong determination of providing a brand new pair of shoes for the child or young adult in need at home and abroad. We do this simple act in order to protect the children's feet from cuts and infections and lessen their need to wear ill-fitted shoes, while bringing pride and joy to their young lives.

Now we are taking this to another level and plans are being made for October 22, 2011, on MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY. We will put together a program of Nutrition, Health and Exercise activities. On our Wish-List is the desire for a Podiatrist to come by and remind us of how important our feet are.

Each brand new pair of shoes given will have a card that reads: STAY IN SCHOOL ^^^^ EAT FOODS THAT KEEP YOU WELL. These messages are meant to push the power of education and a healthy lifestyle. We aim to build self confidence, bring hope and encourage good health and positive development, one step at a time.

So when people ask why I pay attention to shoes, I will take the opportunity to let them know that this small gift of a brand new pair of shoes is the start of good things to come that could easily take these children on a meaningful journey, empowering them to become agents of change.

You can log on to to follow the events or find a charity that pique your interest. We welcome any tips to make our day fun-filled and successful.
Thank you for continuing to make a difference to the CHOOSE TO CARE ORGANIZATION.

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