Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Small Feat

CHOOSE TO CARE is all revved up, ready to prepare for MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY, which takes place on 10/22/2011. It is the day when millions of Americans will volunteer in their communities doing good. This year we will once again work with the youth in the Vineyard International Christian Ministries Church,located in the Bronx. Choose To Care has provided shoes for the children of newly arrived immigrant families or other members of the Church who find it difficult to fully provide for their children. Sometimes within families there are 3-4 children in need and only 1 child may receive so that other families can also benefit. The Coordinator weighs the needs and at times boys will receive while girls have to wait their turn or vice versa. On MAKE A DIFFERENCE Day, we would like to make a difference in the lives of the children who were passed over because prior donations could only stretch so far, by giving them a brand new pair of shoes. We hope this small gesture will produce happy feet and place a smile on their faces.

In addition, on this day we will add fun-filled health and nutrition activities to foster good health and positive development. To learn more about this special day, you can log on

Thanks to all who have participated in Macy's Shop For A Cause Project,the funds will help us to continue our essential work of helping those in need. Happy shopping at Macy's on 8/27/2011 and do not forget to enter your ticket so that you can get a chance at winning the $500 gift certificate.

More to come!

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