Sunday, September 18, 2011


It was four years ago in September that CHOOSE TO CARE was created to provide for the under served.  The idea of giving a brand new pair of shoes came about while vacationing abroad and witnessing so many young children walking barefooted in murky water and on hot grounds where broken bottles and garbage were strewn.  When I investigated at home, the need was just as great nation-wide and I discovered that there are many organizations with the similar idea of providing a pair of shoes for those in need.  I am happy that this small act has become a vital link to many not for profit organization working with the youth.

Each birthday WHETS MY APPETITE to do more and my soul is brimming with excitement as I plan each activity.  Shopping for shoes bring great joy.  Here is a sneak peak of how we will celebrate this coming of age.
~~  We have a shoe drop in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn on 9/20/2011; fifty-five youth will be the recipients.
~~  Still in the celebration mode, on Make A Difference Day, 10/22/2011 a national day put aside to do good in the community; we will celebrate the youth in action at the Vineyard International Christian Church in the Bronx.  Proper foot care will be highlighted. We will spring into action with simple movements, introduce MyPlate, the federal government new food icon and offer tips on how to make great food choices, eat well and stay fit.  A gift of a brand new pair of shoes is our giveaway for the day.

So although not full blown and still operating on a small scale, CHOOSE TO CARE continues to put its best foot forward as we reach yet another milestone.
       "I slept and dreamt that
         life was joy.
         I woke and saw that
        life was service.
        I acted and behold,
        service was joy."
                       Rabindranath Tagore

HAPPY           BIRTHDAY          CHOOSE          TO          CARE

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Nikki Katsuki said...

It had been a while since I've read blog of "Choose to Care" site. I was totally behind, this organization've done so many great things for kids and people every single moment. It is just amazing.....Nikki