Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"When are you coming?"  The voice on the other end sounded doubtful.  We had been playing 'phone tag for a while, different circumstances had stalled our plan to buy and drop off shoes for children and young adults residing in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn.  We had finally carved out a day and time that was convenient for all of us and we shopped with the help of the store clerk until we had picked out 55 pairs of shoes in different styles, ready to be fitted on the feet of those deserving boys and girls in waiting.

Our hands are tired, walking from the store to the subway.  It was not a long distance but we were laden down with a number of heavy bags filled with shoes.  We boarded the M train for the ride to Brooklyn, luckily the train was practically empty.  There was enough room to lay our bags down and we tied them securely to prevent losing any of our 'treasures.'

Seated and spread out, having a better grip on our goods, we began to concentrate on where we were heading.  When we finally reached our stop, we hopped off the subway, bags in tow, not knowing whether to turn left or right.  We finally reached our destination, happy to give our hands a rest and declared"we are here."

The Director and her assistant to whom care of these children is entrusted, greeted us filled with gratitude for this small deed made possible by CHOOSE TO CARE AND FRIENDS.  That old familiar saying "where there is a will there is a way," came to mind as I mentally prepared for the next shoe drop.

In each pair of shoes we had slipped two messages, one encouraged staying in school because we believe that education opens up great possibilities and the other is to  eat foods that keep them well because it is so important to   make healthier food choices even from a young age.  We do not know how many will heed us but we will keep trying and never lose hope.

Yours in Health and fitness!

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