Monday, November 7, 2011


I have been doing "shoe drops" as I call it but decided to add a touch, an event if you please.  For MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY,10/22/11, I wanted the youth at this gathering to know that any small task can lift the spirit and make a difference in someone's life.  So I started out by acknowledging the day and it's importance and invited the children to begin to make a difference.  Some stepped up to the podium to talk about the things they are now doing and others talked about what they will do.

We did not stop there, added was the message of healthy living.  So we all began to move and sway to a meaningful song that my kind colleague prepared for me; getting our limbs awaken and sealing that exercise is good for us all and fun stuff like dancing counts as exercise.

A few had heard about MyPlate, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) icon, that reminds us how to eat well and keep our bodies nourished.  Then it was movie time, "Supersize Me" was the name of the film of choice which showed the ill-effects of eating out at McDonald's or any fast food joint too often.  One of the young men had seen the film in school and stepped up to give tidbits of what this film was about.

 We welcomed tips from a Podiatrist from a neighboring hospital who talked about our feet which we ignore until they begin to hurt, wearing the right shoes that fit is important, avoiding the nail salon and if we do go, excellent sanitary condition is a must she stated.  Shoe time and each kid received a brand new pair of shoes with the MESSAGE CARD that says "STAY IN SCHOOL"  We ended the day with a delicious lunch prepared by some giving women of the church community.

Thanks to my colleagues who have helped me to make this day happen  The wall you decorated with paper shoes of all sizes and styles, looked like the real things and received a lot of admiration from the wide- eyed audience, kids and adults alike, peppered with "did you make these?"  My friend, thanks for helping me to shop for these shoes and to tote them to their destination.  My gratitude to the anonymous donor who sent me a donation with an apology that he is retired and wished he could do more.  "Sir, every little bit counts and thanks for the blessings you sent our way."  To the parents of the children, the coordinator of the youth program, the women of the church, your support is greatly appreciated.  I came away with a feeling of renewal, with my spirits raised and my faith in people heightened.  CHOOSE TO CARE is a small program trying to make an impact and  ready  to take on it's next mission.

Keep Adapting!

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