Tuesday, February 2, 2021


 Donors Choose(donorschooese.org) has supported students and teachers since 2000 and is making sure  that public schools nationwide are noticed.  They have asked us to answer a teacher's request for resources for her classroom.

A new year! And Choose To Care's (CTC) commitment of the past year to sponsor a school each month still stands.  We are inspired by Ms. Doede request for her grade 9-12 students at Trillium Academy, Taylor, Michigan and CTC's sponsorship carries out its mission to give each child a brand new pair of shoes.

This donation was given in honor of one of our ardent contributor to CTC, YV, who has joined us to bring goodwill to others.

We are also on the move to bring others on board to care for mother earth.  Each of us can find a way to contribute to the Going Green Movement.

Each school that we sponsor is given the message of keeping healthy and strong. Visit: eatright.org for tips on how to nourish our bodies.

"A drop of kindness makes the spirits soar. Do what you can."psw

A salute to Black History Month!

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