Thursday, January 21, 2021


 The charity store, BLOSSOM is created to earn funds that will be shared with organizations seeking resources for the youth and others in need and are actively involved in environmentally friendly projects.  With the destruction of mother earth, happening so rapidly, it is an important part of this mission to assist in saving our planet.  The recipients will be prodded to pay attention to this serious matter, with a message included each time they receive sponsorship.

Our aim is also to buy goods made by artisans at home(locally) and faraway places such as Bangladesh, the African Continent and wherever else there is a struggle to sustain a livelihood.  This move would improve their quality of life.  We have already started this ambitious plan by buying goods from Tanzania, made by the Masai Tribe, in 2019.  These quality goods are usually made by a community of skillful women. Of course our sales will determine how much help we can offer to those in need.

Each of Choose To Care's blog will add  "A GO EASIER ON THE PLANET" ending, as a reminder that we each have a responsibility to help the planet stay green. 

Remaining Eco-Friendly!                                          

Believing In A Better World!

Cheers!  Go Easier On The Planet

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Neophyte said...

Taking on the world! Another great cause. Keep it up.