Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 The title said: Happy Feeet Make Tennis Sweet.  This came from Coach Parks, at  the Hardee Senior High School, Wauchula, Florida and she was requesting resources for her grades 9 to 12 students.  According to Coach Parks, nearly all students are from low-income households, living in a rural community.

She wants them to shine not only in the classroom but also on the tennis court.  They have been cooped up for so many months and are ready to join in fun activities.  Most cannot afford the tennis shoes that they need to help them move with confidence, keep their feet protected, while they sharpen their skills and minds.

Choose To Care (CTC) is ready to put a little more care in the world and we know that our support will make a world of difference to these children. CTC(choosetocaresite.org) is proud to continue its mission to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the children in need. 

We applaud Donors Choose(donors choose.org) for going the extra mile of providing a platform for the devoted public school teachers nationwide, that allows them to request help for their students.

Doing our part to bridge the gap!

To all supporters, remember to do your part to keep the earth green!

Cheers to National Nutrtion month - 3/2021

 The theme for 2021 is  PERSONALIZE YOUR PLATE.

Visit: Eatright.org for your nutrition and health information.

Yours In Service!

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