Monday, June 8, 2020


There is so much happening  around us.  We dare not ignore the loud and commanding shout for justice and equity. I will continue to do what I am always moved to do, be part of the solution.
The youth is my focus, working to make sure that they have the resources they need for their education and development.

The action plan is to do what is possible within my means, effectively and consistently. This consist of working on projects, here at home and abroad; such as the most recent, called "the whole 9 yards" that was introduced to the young girls at a Technical School in the Gambia, West Africa, before the shutdown caused by Covid19.

We have linked with the organization , "The Pillars of Gambia" to:

  • Build 2 flushing toilets
  • Provide fans for the classroom
  • donate sewing materials
  • Give brand new pair of shoes & more
We are giving to requests made through "Donors Choose"the organization that seeks sponsorships for teachers' classroom projects.

We are increasing traffic to Blossom, the charity store, created to gain funds for the work we want to do with the youth.  Our competition held on 6/5 to 6/7 gave the purchaser the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive a $50.00 gift for a frontline worker or a charity of their own.

I will continue educating myself, giving deep thoughts to projects I take on to make life better for the youth in need; and keep hoping for better, knowing that all things are possible.

Thanks to all who are helping to contribute to make this happen, you are greatly appreciated.

Will keep you updated!

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