Thursday, June 25, 2020


Dear Supporters,

We have some exciting news!  As we get ready to hit the REFRESH button life, we at CHOOSE TO CARE(CTC) are preparing to continue our journey with our work for the youth; giving them a fighting chance in hopefully, a more just and sustainable world, where everyone is allowed to thrive.

We have been supporting Public School Teachers for years, but in March, CTC ambitiously set the goal of sponsoring a teacher's classroom project each month, going forward.  This we do through DONORS CHOOSE(donors; the organization that supports Public School Classroom project requests, nationwide.

Through your kindness and contribution to our GoFundMYCharity project, we are making progress.  This is a heart-felt thank you for supporting CTC, for investing in our mission to give resources that students need to develop and become empowered.  We are always honored to answer the teachers plea for their students well-being.

Our resounding mandate remains: The Children  -  Resources  -  A Fighting Chance

Thank You Everyone!

Yours In Health,


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