Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Covid19 - Inequity - Hatred: Grabbing Our Attention

To the Choose To Care Community

When the global pandemic hit us, it compounded the issues we were dealing with, while being of service to the youth living in poverty.  The world was on pause but we did not allow this added huge issue to floor us.  We stayed the course!  We reached out to you, our valued donors and thanked you for your support in the past and joined in the anthem heard around the nation and worldwide, "we are in this together."

We knew we were about to enter a new world of our own making, the poverty would have been exacerbated, the need would be greater. So we plotted, planned and strategized to meet this struggle, anew.
                               "We will either find a way, or make one" - Hannibal

We are determined to  carry on Choose To Care's mission to help kids in their educational journey, help them climb out of poverty and open their eyes to a great learning experience; saving the environment.

We are hit with this widespread epidemic of hatred. The country has reached a feverish pitch over the death of Floyd George, the black man from Minnesota and the growing movement that has evolved. I know we must join this fight to create a more equitable society. We are hit from every angle.

I know I have to have a new approach to overcome this ugliness, skimming the surface will no longer do. We must find hope amidst this chaos.  This is my message to myself:

  • Take more courageous steps
  • Have deeper conversations
  • Have high expectations
  • Find sustainable solutions
My mind and heart are wide open for this golden opportunity to do more. Change does not come easy but Choose to Care is committed to this fight and I will work tirelessly for justice for all.

Keep Believing!                            

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