Wednesday, June 13, 2018


                                        Yesterday his words were like honey
                                         Sweet words spewed from his mouth.
                                         He knows when to pitch them, to the
                                         Girl who basks in these sweet nothings.
                                         Her eyes sparkle,
                                         A wider smile you have never seen.
                                         He cocked his head and put his chest out,
                                         So proud of his handiwork.
                                         "I have given her true love,
                                          Like she has never seen before."

                                          Today the story is different.
                                           He speaks in a sober tone.
                                           A change has come over him.
                                           His language has grown sour,
                                           His frowning face is filled with doubts.
                                           There is a Waiting Post, set up for her.
                                           How long will she remain there, no one knows.
                                           He has not bring to light, that he will
                                           Only return to fetch her
                                           When his Master Plans fall apart.
                                            Dark clouds have set in!
                                           Empty promises are consuming their lives.


                                          Her inner voice is speaking.
                                          Two different versions have appeared
                                          Which one will she cling to?
                                           The one that has placed a dagger in her soul?
                                           Has she chosen the obsessed being
                                           That resides in her mind?
                                           These see-saw emotions
                                            And forlorn experiences,
                                            Have weighed her down,
                                            What a baggage he wields!
                                            Step away from this confusion, Dear Child.
                                            Make adjustments for this bitter taste.

                                             Be kind to yourself
                                             Embrace this defeat
                                             Move on and cherish the wisdom gain
                                             Be guided by that voice,
                                             That will lead you down freedom way.

psw(From The Series:That Forbidden Fruit)

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