Thursday, June 14, 2018


                                      He is calling her name
                                      How should she respond?
                                      Are you ready to close the gap? She screamed.
                                      The time is drawing nearer, he shouted back.
                                       But when will that happen, mystery man?
                                       How much longer will she be at the Waiting Post?

                                         Her soul has grown cold
                                         Her heart has hardened
                                         Her body creaks with aches and pains
                                         Eyes that once sparkle, have grown dull.
                                         She no longer smiles, She wears a sullen scowl.
                                         She kept hoping to catch a glimpse of you
                                         But now she holds her head to the ground
                                         Hoping she never sets sight of you.

                                           She is done pining over you
                                           Long gone is the hope
                                           That you will be together.
                                           She has grown tired and weary.
                                           You must go your separate ways.
                                           Let her learn to live once more.
                                           Let her heal.


                                           psw(From the Series: That Forbidden Fruit)

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